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  1. citydrinker

    Scunthorpe United: Three League Two games postponed because of Covid-19 cases Obviously we wish them well. But having played them at the weekend lets hope it doesn't have ramifications for our club.
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    Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere and I have missed it. On the club site it only refers to such tickets for last season. Has anyone heard whether they will be reintroduced for the forthcoming campaign?. My health dictates that a season ticket would not make financial sense...
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    What has happened?.

    Just come onto the BB for the first time in a couple of years. Are we in some sort of lock-down?.
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    Something nasty at Crewe called Barry Bennell.

    Let me first say that I have always respected Dario Gradi as an inspirational manager and a champion of youth policy. That is an ethos that I have also, always respected, with regard to those who empowered him, at board level, to be able to do so. It gives me no pleasure, therefore, to...
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    Price of Football: Full results 2016

    Please forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere and I have missed it. Some very interesting comparisons.
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    Grecian Wall

    Interesting to note that whoever is responsible for moderating it, they are not minded to delete every critical comment. Well done to the individual/s concerned. The lack of censorship is refreshing and deserves praise. See: Incidentally...
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    Can we send Me Tisdale to Coventry?.

    On me tab so can't cut and paste the link on
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    Step forward Mr Tisdale & co. You are now record breakers.

    So sad about this. I really appreciate those of you who have stayed loyal. I do not understand why you have, but I do hope that things will change for the better. One day soon, please. Ha ha predictive text nobbled my thread.
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    Where has geoffwp gone?

    Firstly I must point out that I respected his opinion, although I often disagreed with it. Secondly, his absence makes me quizzical. Thirdly, and most importantly, I hope he is in good health. Geoff, if you are still perusing twows, please let us have your full tuppence worth.
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    An Unwanted Home Statistic thay may be broken soon Home League Losses on the trot Record = 4 04.09.1935 to 28.09.1935 26.08.1953 to 19.09.1953 18.08.1962 to 12.09.1962 27.08.1983 to 28.09.1983 Now 13.08.2016 to 17.09.2016 can be added. Tuesday 27th September at home to Notts...
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    Under the current set up, what is ours?. I remember "the plans", measured, quite correctly, in years. I am also delighted by the money coming into our club via transfers and the FA Cup. Add to that the plans for a new Grandstand, paid for by, apparently, the developer (albeit, to me at least...
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    Is our team as good as you expected, average, under performing, or bad?

    Sorry, I have only seen them play on TV recently, for personal, increasingly, debilitating, reasons. From the table it all seems, so far, so average. Interested to hear ONE WORD answers. Good, average, under performing (say UP), or bad?. Loads on here obviously care about City and obviously...
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    Hoary Old Chesnut I Know, THE CENTRE SPOT.

    Sorry, I am out of the Loop, has it been renamed?. Just looked at the Facebook page, .Am I missing something?. Also, I was told by more than one person who was in there, after the game, that despite the fact that it is a venue to...
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    Everything in the ECFC Garden is now Rosy - is it official?.

    Personally I doubt it, but 2 away wins are reasons to be cheerful. Lets hope that part 3 happens on Saturday. Yes GreasyIan I will be there. No fanfare. Interesting to see one or two occasional posters arriving in a small cluster to diss Exeweb and pour scorn, not only on the regular...
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    A Deafening Silence on the Official Website.

    Other than the "First half was nowhere near good enough" summation attributed to Mr Tisdale at 18:64 on Saturday. Lets hope for a positive, fan friendly statement, showing some humility within the next 48 hours.
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    ECFC Managerial Team at Tranmere

    Nah, not another dig at the club. I've just read that Matt Gill has become Rob Edwards assistant manager at Tranmere after promotion from being player-coach. Congratulations to him. Can anyone think of any other...
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    Given the potg policy at ECFC, what are non attenders doing tomorrow?.

    Me?. A mixture of being dragged round the shops and then a pint or two at a couple of local St Thomas licensed properties. I will watch the latest scores and results roll in on Sky, probably in the Railway club. My outlay will be less than £24. Should I have ventured to SJP, my outlay on...
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    So tempted to go tomorrow....

    .... but I will not know until around 2pm. Options please. NB: My bad legs mean I have to sit (I am not registered disabled, but nonetheless they prevent me from standing for a full game). Thanks.
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    Eric Whalley.

    Sorry if I have overlooked a mention on a thread, but he deserves one of his own.
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    Anyone else see the diatribe about Exeweb and its contributorss printed by the E&E under the above nom de plume today?. Oh dear not even a clever nom de plume. Jorge Ben is a well known Brazilian musician. I would advise the muppet involved to think more deeply and try harder next time. I...