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  1. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy v Yeovil

    Are you gonna try and re arrange Glyn, I'm working tomorrow but would love to get another game against these. Scored with mt head last year. dont do that often!
  2. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2011-12

    £400 accumulator on Wednesday, Satanage and MK Franchise. Cheers
  3. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Poppy Shirt Ebay Auction now under way.....

    Great job organizing and excellent result. Pat on the back to those who bid and hats off to Pete.
  4. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy v Yeovil

    Would have loved to have been involved in this, scored in the home leg last year! However I'm away next weekend so wish you good luck boys, time we won!
  5. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Siege army!

    Wasnt lucky enough to be there last night but sounded great on tut wireless and I like siege army. Hats off to all especially TVR for this, we'll never know if 6 points is a coincidence but it certainly cant have hurt!
  6. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Exeter City 3-1 Rochdale

    Think Noble looked better when he pushed further forward. Sercombe and Dunne's 2nd half partnership in the middle won us the match
  7. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Nards is lazy!

    Thats how I saw it, he does like a moan though
  8. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    A match for Dom?

    I'm very much up for this, local I is.
  9. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2011-12

    £200 accumulator on preston, brentford and wednesday.
  10. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    City's goalscorers season 2011/12 predictions

    Sercs will get nowhere near 11 goals by Jan. He weill stay all season and have less than 10 come the end. He may now get forward like Harley did but he wont suddenly be able to finish like him, he also wont take penalties. Nards, O'flynn and logan will all make double figures (if we dont sign...
  11. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Team Captain

    Noble will be captain and POTY.
  12. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Workparty this saturday

    Cheers Ramone, I'll try to get up for a couple of hours.
  13. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Workparty this saturday

    Link doesn't work. Whats happening?
  14. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    The centre spot beach party

    No, 29th August is bank holiday
  15. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    The Exeweb Open II

    Arse, would have come to this but I have been away and therefore Exewebless for 2 weeks
  16. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    'The most competitive League One there's ever been'

    pretty sure swindon would have said that at the start of last season
  17. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    Flags, Fire Safety Certificates & The Stanno Flag

    Great work Scotty and Flybe. Again
  18. 668-neighbour ofthe beast

    The End of an Era

    Excellent thread. I don't feel that this season spells the end of an era, certainly not while the good lord Tisdale and Sir Rob Edwards are still aroung (chuck St Perryman in with them). Whilst they're still here it is an evolution, I hope it's more than just one more season but I fear at...