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  1. ralph

    Parking, entry etc. for the BR game

    Can someone help with info about parking, admission etc. away end or enclosure whatever for the game next weekend? To be specific, is there any parking at the ground, or if not where is best to park; I assume it's pay on the gate; and where the away fans entrance is etc. A rare away attendance...
  2. ralph

    Torquay boss Buckle rejects offer for striker Benyon

    Who could that be? (Reported on BBC today.)
  3. ralph

    Players with 2 feet

    Here's a subject that I have wondering about for some time - for some years in fact. Why don't footballers make better use of their weaker foot? Very often, the game is slowed right down for a player to shift the ball to his stronger foot and very often a chance to shoot is lost. In the City...
  4. ralph

    DVDs of matches

    This may well be a non-starter, but I for one would love to have a DVD of the Peterborough match, for example, but I can think of a few others I would like to have a recording of too. I am wondering what it would take to have a facility for producing and distributing DVDs on request for whole...
  5. ralph

    Most disliked or favourite football clichés

    I have 2 most disliked. One is that "football's all about opinions". It clearly isn't. It's about blokes (usually) kicking a ball towards a goal and if possible scoring in it. Talking/writing etc. about football is about opinions. The second is: "football's a game of 2 halves". Obviously...
  6. ralph

    Payout from Premier League?

    Now the WBA promotion is confirmed, is there any information on the distribution of not-needed 2nd year parachute payments for WBA and Newcastle? Meaning how much and when? Second question: can the money be used for moving the pitch, along with the result of the Pitch-In appeal? What is the...
  7. ralph

    Plymouth Argyle placed under transfer embargo by League

    Would any Argyle fans like to enlighten us? What did they do with all that money they got from selling their players?
  8. ralph

    The former Notts County Trust

    Against the background of events at Notts County in the past few days, does anyone still believe that allowing ECFC to be taken over by a new regime - i.e. for the Trust to sell its shares in the club - is an option? Or is building the club from the ground up still the only realistic way forward?
  9. ralph

    Plymouth show interest in Harley

    From the BBC. Swap deal for Craig Noone + cash anyone?
  10. ralph


    Do any of you e-buyers out there have experience of the auction site Swoopo? Some of their selling prices seem just too good to be true. I would be interested in any feedback of good or bad experiences, because there's a laptop there I'd like to bid on ...
  11. ralph

    More speculation

    "(Bristol) City have also announced the departure of David Noble and Jennison Myrie-Williams while on-loan Southampton striker Stern John has returned to the south coast club. The futures of out-of-contract trio striker Dele Adebola, goalkeeper Chris Weale and midfielder Scott Murray are yet to...
  12. ralph

    Left-sided defenders

    If Deano does actually go to Derby (or anywhere else for that matter), suddenly we look short of left-sided defenders. Murray, Obersteller and Moxey all played in that position, not sure that Seaborne is cut out for left-back/wingback. Who might take over, someone from the reserves or a new...
  13. ralph

    Not quite sure what to make of this but ....

    On BBC Football, the gossip section: "Manchester United striker Danny Wellbeck insists on buying his underwear from a budget clothing store and when £2,500-worth of designer undies were left in his locker as a gift, he gave them to reserve team players. (Daily Express)" It is the Daily...
  14. ralph

    The away end - temporary/permanent redevelopment

    Is it necessary - or would it actually be possible - to move the pitch and expand the away end (possibly by putting in temporary seating) for the start of next season, to cater for the extra away support at games with the big clubs?
  15. ralph

    Bradford cutbacks

    Anybody there we might want to take off their hands?
  16. ralph

    So - anyone got a spare ticket?

    Very much a long shot, I know, but I let the chance slip to get hold of a ticket. If anyone has one that for some reason they can't use, can you PM me? Not expecting anything, but worth a try ...
  17. ralph

    Best Home Match of the Season

    Port Vale: Totally dominated for the 70 minutes we played with 10 men. Never seen anything like it. Every time we attacked they had 10 men behind the ball.