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  1. Mr Jan Yeo

    Scot Bennett - Potential Top Scorer

    All kinds of what the f***ery. Firstly our joint top scorers, with 2 games left, are on a grand total of 6 goals each. Secondly one of them is Scot Bennett. IMO Scot is an unremarkable L2 player, not crap but not brilliant either, but he certainly ain't quick and he really shouldn't be a...
  2. Mr Jan Yeo

    How long until...

    We have to form another trust to take over from the current trust? Make sense?! In seriousness I have to wonder how much longer the club can stay afloat financially without some kind of input from fans. I can only assume from anecdotal evidence that the club membership is dwindling (myself...
  3. Mr Jan Yeo

    Got some spare seats for Swindon

    I've managed to acquire the company jet to take to Swindon on Saturday so for a change I've got some seats going spare. If anyone wants a lift from Exeter then drop me a message.
  4. Mr Jan Yeo

    Lift to Soton needed

    Just discovered that my Dad isn't actually going to this one. As he was going to drive and I'm a bit worried that I'll be still over the limit in the morning and don't want to risk getting nicked for DUI, I'm looking for a lift. Happy to chip in for fuel of course.
  5. Mr Jan Yeo

    Stumping up

    Saw this on PASOTI and couldn't be arsed to create an account to reply, but thought it raised an interesting issue. Why do so many football fans feel that owners/directors should just bail out a club? A bloke at my work was talking about...
  6. Mr Jan Yeo

    The Gullettes

    I sh*t you not, fellow Grecians. Torquay have decided to take our lame and embarrassing spectacle of sh*t cheerleaders and attempt to make it their own. About 8 school girls with 5 or 6 of them being token fat lasses who seemed to spend most of their time doing precisely f*ck all. Cringeworthy...
  7. Mr Jan Yeo

    Players with one foot

    Has there ever been an amputee in league football? Oh and try and link Exeter City in there somewhere so it doesn't look like I've put this in the wrong section ;)
  8. Mr Jan Yeo

    I'll skweam and I'll skweam....

    ....until they let me play at Cheltenham. Poor little Carl Fletcher getting a telling off for throwing a strop when called up for jury service :D
  9. Mr Jan Yeo

    Spare seat to Bournemouth

    I've got a seat going spare if anyone wants a lift. Will be leaving Exeter and will be happy to pick up between there and Bournemouth.
  10. Mr Jan Yeo

    Lift back from Yeovil

    Bit of a late one but does anyone have a seat (or two) spare back from Yeovil tomorrow? Me and a mate are catching the train down from Bristol but, at the minute, aren't sure how we're getting back to Exeter. I've managed to secure a seat with StixUK but my mate is currently staying in Yeovil :D...
  11. Mr Jan Yeo

    Special Needs

    Apparently it's used too often: Looking at Exeweb resently I wouldn't be so sure.
  12. Mr Jan Yeo

    Daniel Nardellio

    Don't know if my Sunday hangover caused me to miss a thread on this but did anyone else get slightly annoyed at the BB numpties singing about Daniel Nardellio? It says an awful lot about some of our 'fans' that they can't even pronounce a fairly simple name. That said, I do enjoy the lyrics to...
  13. Mr Jan Yeo

    The First 'I need a lift' Thread...

    ...of the new season :D Looking to go to Dagenham and wondered if anyone had a spare space (happy to chip in fuel). My car costs too much to run, the train is silly money and I prefer not getting the coach.
  14. Mr Jan Yeo

    Dictators/World Leaders as pets

    Wasted a few hours playing this in the pub last night: Piggy Armin Moosellini Abu Lambza Barrack Ollama Chairman Meow Couldn't think of a decent one for Hitler though :(
  15. Mr Jan Yeo

    Western Super Mare Matchdy Thred

    Never started one of these. Now I have. I'm going, anyone else?
  16. Mr Jan Yeo


    Another forum I use has tapatalk which allows people with smartphones to browse instead of using the internet program. It's quite a handy little thing as fits everything on the page and you don't need to spend your time zooming in and out. Is there any chance of introducing it to exeweb?
  17. Mr Jan Yeo

    Here Hear

    When people say 'here here' do they actually mean 'hear hear'? I've never been quite sure which way it should be spelt.
  18. Mr Jan Yeo


    Love him or hate him, he's very good at eating them little dots and the ghost dudes when they go blue.
  19. Mr Jan Yeo

    Henry in drugs shame

    Henry apparently going to miss the world cup after being caught doing class A drugs :-O Drugs shame
  20. Mr Jan Yeo

    Lift needed to Brentford

    Anyone got any space for the trip to Brentford (from Exeter)? I wasn't sure if I was free until now. Will be happy to bung in a chunk towards fuel of course.