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  1. Daughter of I_M

    Doim's back!!!

    And loving it..... Banned
  2. Daughter of I_M

    Audience tickets

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone London based would like 4 free priority tickets to the filming of Worth a Fortune (ITV) for Weds 10th August @ 19:45. I can't make it so just wanting someone else to make use of them. Cheers :)
  3. Daughter of I_M

    Wanted - lift to Bristol and back tomorrow

    Hi all, Sorry to ask so late but has anyone got a space going to Bristol and back tomorrow please? I'll obviously chip in for petrol. Thank you, please pm. Claire
  4. Daughter of I_M

    ECFC v PAFC.....

    I know the scenes last night were disgraceful but am I the only one thinking that it may happen when they visit us. We have the hoolies too..... I pray it doesn't and everyone behaves. Please.
  5. Daughter of I_M

    Blocked, deleted and ignored

    So, I'm sure many on here have blocked, deleted and ignored others, but who and why have you done this, and also on other sites such as facebook, have you been the 'victim' of this? I have just been blocked from my best mates cousin because I voiced my opinion about her bringing up her child...
  6. Daughter of I_M


    So, I have finally passed my driving test. Anyone got any hints or tips that I need in the car? Such as my mate said earlier about de-icer and a scraper thingy. I didn't think of that.
  7. Daughter of I_M

    Season tickets......

    Anyone sold anything or done anything out of the ordinary to get a season ticket? This morning my first ever credit card (0%) arrived so I can get mine! I won my last one....
  8. Daughter of I_M


    Say in a few words, or even sentences if you like, something about an exewebber. Don't reveal who they are and we'll see if anyone can guess. I'll start..... She's quite hot, she is liked by all, she is now besotted with someone and has moved just outside Exeter. Who is it?.......
  9. Daughter of I_M

    I want something else

    to get me through this, semi charmed kinda life......
  10. Daughter of I_M

    Selling things

    Is there a rule again me trying to sell something on here? If not then I'm looking to sell a £20 ticketmaster gift card which needs to be used by the end of the month. Offers please!
  11. Daughter of I_M

    A massively obvious Yay or Nay

    I'm bored... Come and hustle me......
  12. Daughter of I_M

    Internet Explorer technical help please

    I have a problem with my Internet Explorer. If I have a couple of tabs or windows open then clicking on the X makes the whole internet say it's not responding. This means I always have loads of tabs and windows open. Also if I try to open, I think it's a pdf thing, such as to view a job...
  13. Daughter of I_M

    Fanta game This has got me for the past ten mins. I'm on 9372 Edit: 10332! Edit: 14818!
  14. Daughter of I_M

    [email protected]

    The Wurzels are playing at the Imperial on bank hol Monday 25th. Hopefully no one mentioned it already. I'll be there, hopefully dressed for the occasion! Who else is going to this? Correction, seems to be Sunday 24th......
  15. Daughter of I_M


    I'm sat here and I don't feel alone even though I am. It's really strange. It's like there's someone behind me. And a shadow appeared. I'm scared. Anyone believe in ghosts etc? How do I get it to leave?
  16. Daughter of I_M

    Change of name?

    If you could change someones Exeweb name, who's would you change and what would you change it to? I'd change ECFC Nurseys into bloodyhellit'shotinhere!
  17. Daughter of I_M

    A little birthday

    It'll be my daughters 3rd birthday this May and I'm trying to come up with ideas for a party. Basically, I need to go somewhere the people that'll be going from Exeter that don't drive can get to, and also the friends and family from Ottery and Feniton can get to. We don't have a lot of money...
  18. Daughter of I_M

    Tiger Bills

    Has anyone been there before? They do Thai or Grill. I've never tried Thai before. I won a meal for two in the draw done by Looby and don't know whether to go for something different (a bit of Thai) or stick with what I know (a great big bit of meat) ;) Opinions please...
  19. Daughter of I_M

    Film rental websites

    I was thinking about signing up to one of the many film rental websites but I'm not sure who to go with. Has anyone signed up with any of these? The Odeon one has a 30 day free trial, but I'm not sure.
  20. Daughter of I_M

    Yay or Nay??????????????

    Natalya Rudakova from Transporter 3