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    if you could time travel what era would it be?

    1930s. Would travel across the USA. It would only be a few generations on from the Civil War (150th anniversiary this year) and America was on the verge on starvation and greatness. Across the pound, the Nazis were well on the way to blitzing Continental Europe and beyond. In Britain, the...
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    Jonesy's 200th appearance

    Poultice. Airfix model or Kate Moss? Come on, give us the benefit of your wit and insight. I always look to you as the intellectual barometre of Exeweb.
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    Jonesy's 200th appearance

    A great achievement. Would be nice in some on here would acknowledge that. At times, he's been utterly fantastic. Great shot stopping ability and MoM on many occasions. A time to reflect on his positive contribution, rather than the areaS where he needs or can improve. Well done young man.
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    No snow and ice. It's getting lighter, Christmas is over and we've hammered the Aussies in The Ashes. Also, City have the opportunity to go to Wembley and thanks to an 18-match unbeaten run, we nip Southampton at the post to claim second spot in League 1. Harley stays with the club and turns...
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    Norrie stewart resigns....

    A good point well made. If there was ever an issue it was about clarity of purpose. Personally, I believe we need a seasoned and successful professional to push the club onwards. In the CEO role it is about strategic policy, working downwards. Where do we want to be in five-years time, how do we...
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    Southampton v Exeter City Prediction thread

    I reckon 2-2 with Troy being brought back in to give us extra pace to deal with their two tricky wingers. Also, Noble to start in the middle as this big game on a great surface in front of a packed house is made for him. Ryan Harley and Sercombe (or Dunne if Sercs not fit). At least 1,200 City...
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    Positivity. Some peace and Goodwill would be nice.

    Sometimes, given the perochial sniping on these sites, it's easy to forget just how far we have come. In the 40 years I've been a fan I cannot remember a team with so much quality. In Cureton - brought in as a last minute thought - we have the best striker since Kellow (praise indeed), three...
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    SJP in the snow

    Are the covers on:)
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    Tis, Dunne and Noble

    Noble has the ability to be City's best midfielder. He has skill, vision and physical presence. At the moment, he is inconsistent and finding it hard to find his place in a team with three other fantastic midfielders. Personally, I think he will click sometime soon and then he will soar. It must...
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    'One heck of a manager...'

    There is a distinction between the real fans and those chumps who turn up for a fight, whether they be from Argyle or Exeter. Remember, we have enough idiots - see City centre on a Saturday night - and I doubt whether they go to too many games each season.
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    local football in the old days

    Played for Foxhayes U11 and U15... both on the same day. Would finish one game at Marsh Barton, nip home for lunch (full Saturday fry up) and then pile into the former ambulance for the trip to some god-for-saken place miles into the countryside, playing against farming lads who used to kick the...
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    'One heck of a manager...'

    The two sages of Exeweb...... Glad Tis is 'alright.' God, for a minute, I didn't quite know if he was any good or not. I think, given time, the good footballing people of Exeter will realise quite how fortunate we - and Tis - have been to come together at this point. Usually, it is only with...
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    Reggie T42 speaks his mind.

    And don't you go on about it. Give it a rest and just post. Preferably, something interesting and not intertwined with swear words. I am sure you will give it large and I shouldn't bite, but god, we have Argley in the league on Saturday. Haven't you got something to say about that? I mean...
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    Express & Error (renamed the where's AU and/or let's whinge at the mods thread))

    Re: Express & Error It's down to money. The newspaper industry is in the mire and The Express and Echo are no different. Updating etc costs and they are keeping those down to a minimum. Trying to be a good journalist in this day and age is exceptionally hard.
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    Happy Birthday Scot Bennett

    Bennett has a chance, but will have to knuckle down hard to make it with City. He's growing up - has a girlfriend in London - and there's a lot that can knock a young man off his stride, career wise. Scott can dominate in games and has not been helped by being played in numerous positions. I...
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    English Defence League demos 'feed Islamic extremism'

    There will always be groups at each end of the political spectrum, whether the government is perceived to be strong or otherwise. Obviously, your definition of strength will depend on your priorities. I have my opinions, beliefs etc and when push comes to shove I would fight for those (eg...
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    Harley vs Coppinger

    I loved Copps when he was with us and there are more similarities to both players than differences. Both have great control and the ability to make the ball stick, allowing them a tad more time to do something with it. Both glide into space and hurt teams, but I would say that Harley has more...
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    BBC Request For Information

    What's a PC W*nkerstain? Again, brilliant. It's like the Inbetweeners, but without the humour. Well, at least that's added to the sum of what's known about last night. Great one. Back to the point though - and I reckon some people on Exeweb will have given John a ring - the media need somebody...
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    BBC Request For Information

    Then, generally, we agree. I find it amazing that so many people's first reaction is to think the trouble will be misreported. What is that line.... oh yeah, the hysterical Express and Error. Brilliant. Perhaps it is because I am one of the 'media' and as a result don't quite get the general...
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    BBC Request For Information

    Log. That's a different story. End of. Ayes ain't being lazy. You have no idea of who else he is ringing or what contacts he is talking to. This is just one tool and I would have used it. What better way to get some first hand comments than to use the fan's forum? If I had been caught up in last...