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  1. feverpitch

    Some Sunny Day fanzine issue 27 on sale

    On sale TODAY (Sat 29 Feb 2020) around SJP before the match for just £1. Subscriber copies were posted out yesterday. Happy reading!
  2. feverpitch


    I hereby declare the fourteenth Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz open. There will be a clue a day from today until Christmas Eve. The clues will vary in difficulty and hence points. All answers will be related to our esteemed club, city or county. If the clue isn’t solved by midnight, the points...
  3. feverpitch

    Exeter City Book

    Book Talk and Ground Tour 4pm at St James Park, Trust Suite FREE EVENT AND YOU CAN JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY Martin Weiler will be talking about Aidan Hamiliton's ‘The Story of Exeter’s St James’ Park – Land of Grecian Glory’. This will be followed by a tour of the stadium including its new...
  4. feverpitch

    ECFC fanzine Some Sunny Day Issue 21 Saturday 1 September 2018

    Issue 21 has now been printed and is ready to post out. Subscriber copies will be on their way later today and then we'll be selling around SJP on Saturday prior to the game. Lots to read for only £1 so look out for us! [ecfc] Issue 21 comes 30 years on from the first ever edition of former and...
  5. feverpitch

    1 x adult ticket for main stand vs ASFC 25/11/17

    I've got three tickets for block G of the main stand for tomorrow but one of our party has just dropped out at the last minute due to work commitments. If anyone wants this spare ticket for £20 then it's first come first served. PM me or post on here.
  6. feverpitch

    Well done Exeter Chiefs

    Won in extra time 20-23. Our turn tomorrow.
  7. feverpitch

    Exeter City/Chiefs article in the Times today

    Worth a read
  8. feverpitch

    Email notifications for private messages

    Mine aren't working despite being turned on in settings. Any ideas?
  9. feverpitch

    Bugger John Lewis

    This Christmas ad gets my vote ;(
  10. feverpitch

    1931 Fund makes the national news

    No linky but yer tis.
  11. feverpitch

    Want to write for the City fanzine?

    No? I'll take that as a yes then. Issue 11 of Some Sunny Day will be out on Saturday 6th February (when Oxford visit SJP, hopefully not moved to the Sunday). The deadline for articles is Sat 23rd January if you have something to say on any ECFC-related subject. Send your 500 words to us at...
  12. feverpitch

    Exeter City line up 1974 - help required!

    For reasons I won't bore you with (suffice to say, my mistake), I've got the ECFC line up from Barnsley vs Exeter on 17 August 1974 in the Fourth Division. There is one player missing. Does anyone have the matchday programme or any idea who it might be?: Bob Wilson, John Rutter, Peter Hatch...
  13. feverpitch

    Archive WSC mag 1996: Exeter City preview

    Came across this turfing out some old football magazines. 18 yrs ago! The questions were: 1. Best you realistically hope for this season (Wikipedia tells me we finished 22nd). 2. Who will be promoted (Al got this nearly spot on!)? 3. What's first thing you'd do as chairman? 4. Who in your team...
  14. feverpitch

    All Trust members - write to the Trust now!

    I don't pretend to know whether the Trust has the collective will to deal with the underlying issues but ahead of the Trust's meeting with the club about the current financial situation and all that that implies, the Trustees whom we elected must be left in no doubt about what Trust members want...
  15. feverpitch

    Happy birthday Swanaldo

    ... and any other random exewebbers whose birthday it may also be today. Make the most of your thirties. :-)
  16. feverpitch

    Questions of the day no. wirnjr3293424t5n0

    Two parter today. 1.a. Is the phase Dull as dishwater or Dull as ditchwater? 1.b. And which is duller? 2. Is it chav to have a cup of tea with a meal? Thanks in advance.
  17. feverpitch

    Online ticketing service glitch?

    This query stems from the replayed Wycombe game but can anyone tell me why when you book seats in the flybe online (totally aside from the issue that all you really want to do is pay at the turnstile), it shows very few available seats but lo and behold when you get to your seat, the dozens of...
  18. feverpitch

    Some Sunny Day issue 4 Easter Monday 21 April

    Announcement: Issue 4, and the final one of the season, of Some Sunny Day, the Exeter City fanzine, will be out on Easter Monday, 21 April when Torquay visit the Park. This announcement is an appeal for people to get off their exeweb soapboxes and write something City-related for the fanzine...
  19. feverpitch

    Winter Olympics Yay or Nay

    Chemmy Alcott
  20. feverpitch

    Auspicious Little Things ...

    Many moons ago, when I was less cynical, I would have considered it a particularly good omen for a City home game to fall on my birthday. Now I think ****ed if I'm going to let those ****s/the rain/cold ruin my day. [ecfc] However, it got me thinking about what little things can be considered...