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  1. Red Bill

    Manager interviews

    One thing I think Matt Taylor is universally respected for by the fanbase has been his honesty in interviews, when he talks about a match it usually reflects what I've seen myself. Certainly a refreshing change compared to the last incumbent! However although I'm sure he isn't the only manager...
  2. Red Bill

    2nd striker

    Circumstances have meant I haven't been able too make it to matches so far this season, i've watched a few games on ifollow playback, but you don't ever really get a proper picture of the game that way, so I was wondering about people's thoughts on what's clearly been an issue. Bowman clearly...
  3. Red Bill

    Fans/members skills list

    I’ve been told that there used to be a list members/fans could add their names to, with any skills they had that might be useful to club or Trust. However feedback from those who said they’d registered their skills or offered help has been very negative, with people saying they’d never been...
  4. Red Bill

    Trouble at The Gas

    We often hear on hear from posters who think our ownership model is holding us back and if only we could find a rich owner to take over everything would be great. Well maybe its time to take a look at Bristol Rovers to get a picture of what the reality of that might be. A couple of years ago...
  5. Red Bill


    If your concerned that football stadiums are once again being used as a recruiting ground for far right groups, heres a facebook group you may be interested in;
  6. Red Bill

    Bristol Rovers v City PSF matchday thread

    Never started one of these before, so sorry if it all goes wrong! Looking forward to seeing what I imagine will be next Saturday's starting line up, or close to it, in what for me is a local game. It should be a proper test against a higher league side, let's hope it's an injury free one.
  7. Red Bill

    New director of football?

    With Steve Perryman retiring, do people think he should be replaced? Is a role like this a luxury a lower league club can ill afford? The role itself is a relatively new introduction in football and what its purpose is is often unclear clubs managed without them for a long time so why do we...
  8. Red Bill

    Matt Jay

    Lots of comments on various threads about Matt Jay so as I couldn't find a thread of his own I thought I'd start one. I've only seen a bit of Matt Jay, mostly in PSFs but what I've seen of him so far this season, I've been very impressed with and I think its time he got a few regular starts...
  9. Red Bill

    Jack Sparkes

    Anyone else disappointed we haven't seen more of Sparkes? I know he's only young and I wasn't expecting him to be a regular yet but I thought we'd have seen him coming off the bench a few times by now. I don,'t know what side he normally plays on as I've only seen him play once at Swindon where...
  10. Red Bill

    Steve Perryman retiring

    According to the Times SP will be retiring at the end of the season. Could this herald changes at the top? Discuss!
  11. Red Bill

    Free City shirts

    Hello, living on a narrow boat storage is at a premium, so I don’t have space to store things I probably will never wear again, consequently I have some City shirts to give away. I remember someone asking for shirts to send/take to Africa, but can’t remember whether it was on here or...
  12. Red Bill

    Trust AGM motion re Trust appointed directors

    Last year's AGM and TB elections generated more enthusiasm than I can remember since I became a member and sparked off some very healthy debate. Much of that was caused by the 4 candidates who stood together on the 'accountability' ticket of which I was one. We had relative success with two of...
  13. Red Bill

    Football League Trophy - Why the negativity?

    Some years ago, Manchester United, the then FA Cup holders, decided not to defend the title and opt out of the FA Cup so they could take part in the World Club Championship, a decision that was roundly and rightly in my opinion slated by fans commentators and pundits alike. As someone who...
  14. Red Bill


    Things looking bad for Pompey's supporters' Trust I really hope for the sake of supporter ownership that this doesn't go through!
  15. Red Bill

    The 'Gap'

    One thing that annoys me about the ground redevelopment is that there's still no plans to put anything in the gap between the OG/NG and the bank. I find it so embarrassing as it makes us look so tinpot. Especially when the TV cameras are at the Park and pointing that way. I'm sure we all...
  16. Red Bill

    Matt Jay

    With Tom off to pastures new, I was wondering who's next off the academy production line. We seem to be persevering with Matt Jay and making sure he's out playing matches on loan. He seems to be doing ok. Who's prepared to bet that he'll be the next young striker to come through? At the...
  17. Red Bill

    What is a 'proper fan'?

    Particularly with the recent cup match with Liverpool, there's been a lot of talk about proper fans and use of terms like 'plastics'. I was wondering what people thought constituted a 'proper fan' Its been suggested that there are a hardcore of maybe 2500-3000 fans who turn up to every home...
  18. Red Bill

    Tisdale to Chelsea!

    Sorry I couldn't resist!!!
  19. Red Bill

    Penalties record

    Is it just my rubbish memory or have we got a great record on penalties? I'm sure we must have, but I can't remember us missing one since Nardiello against Carlise back in relegation year. I'm sure Tom has a 100% record. If by some miracle my memory is accurate on this and we really haven't...
  20. Red Bill

    Proposal for Trust ballot re removal of Tisdale

    Like almost all the people I've spoken to recently, the four years of dreadful home form, negative tactics, players playing out of position, failure to strengthen the squad and odd formations with no sign that they'll be any change, have brought me to the point where I feel enough is enough and...