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  1. ecfc girl

    Exeweb Upgrades :- New Server, New Software, New Look

    Ooooh, don't ever set a time limit like that! I'm surprised they didn't start baying for blood at midnight!
  2. ecfc girl

    Little things that annoy you

    When did they get rid of it? I bought one about 4 weeks ago, and it said niterider on the ticket... PS. People that can't correctly answer basic multi choice questions on quiz shows.
  3. ecfc girl

    Exeweb Upgrades :- New Server, New Software, New Look

    Pete, it's work in progress, and it's the weekend. Give the poor bloke a chance!!!
  4. ecfc girl

    Playing Up Again

    Stop whinging. the whole point of moving is to stop moments like these...
  5. ecfc girl

    U18s vs QPR

    Well done the U-18's. :)
  6. ecfc girl

    The WickidPedia "blackout"

    I use it quite a lot but I always cross reference with a proper site, as wiki is open to abuse by some people.
  7. ecfc girl

    Arctic roll....

    Arctic roll is horrible. The cake bit is always stale. If you want to eat stale cake then custard is always best with it.
  8. ecfc girl

    Playing Up Again

    I've not been online all day but I expect Liam was doing some teccie type thing, ready to move across to the new server. It may be like that for a few days, until we move. :)
  9. ecfc girl

    The WickidPedia "blackout"

    I did post briefly about this earlier on another thread, and apart from it not loading up right until you stopped it loading then it was ok. I'm not sure which other sites were involved but it was ones which i obviously don't use.....
  10. ecfc girl

    Trust to Launch Stadium Tours

    It says it's free in the first sentence!!! Anyway, I think it's a great idea. I hope you're going to keep it going and publicise it properly during the holidays and get the grockles in. We really need to attract people who wouldn't normally come to games. If they can get a tour on a Saturday...
  11. ecfc girl

    rustlers burgers

    The pasties are ok as they're from Shaul Bakery. Burgers and hot dogs are inedible and overpriced. We need chips!
  12. ecfc girl

    Internet strike...

    But my point is, do you think the strike will work and also, are the US govt being stupid, in trying to censor public speech?
  13. ecfc girl

    I'm off

    He should have driven the thing properly in the first place. It's hard to believe it was even supposed to be going into that harbour, the size of the ship.
  14. ecfc girl

    Internet strike...

    No wikipedia today :( I really can't see that the US govt can do this because technology has advanced so much you can always by-pass blocks anyway.
  15. ecfc girl

    Car Been Impounded

    Pay it under protest then appeal, although it may end up in court.
  16. ecfc girl

    Songs for City players (past or present)

    Harley day - Madonna
  17. ecfc girl

    Mr Exeweb!

  18. ecfc girl

    Mr Exeweb!

    It was me that removed the thread, for the reasons given above.
  19. ecfc girl

    Exeweb access survey

    When you're posting/lurking on Exeweb, what are you actually doing? ie on the train/work/loo etc What are you actually using? ie smart phone/ipad, pc? I have no internet at work, so I'm normally outside on the phone or I wait until I get home.
  20. ecfc girl

    Why did I bother buying that?

    Definitely agree with that.Could never find the gas anywhere when you needed it. Plus it's so much cheaper to just buy Tesco value lemonade!