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  1. ecfc girl

    Internet strike...

    No wikipedia today :( I really can't see that the US govt can do this because technology has advanced so much you can always by-pass blocks anyway.
  2. ecfc girl

    Exeweb access survey

    When you're posting/lurking on Exeweb, what are you actually doing? ie on the train/work/loo etc What are you actually using? ie smart phone/ipad, pc? I have no internet at work, so I'm normally outside on the phone or I wait until I get home.
  3. ecfc girl

    City foundation meeting

    Just a quick reminder that the meeting to discuss the future (if there is a future) of this scheme is tonight at 18.30 in the Flybe suite. I hope that all members can attend. Thank you.
  4. ecfc girl

    Gary Ablett passes away
  5. ecfc girl

    Exeweb Secret Santa

    Ok, imagine the scenario, you pick an Exewebbers name out of the hat and you have to buy them a present under the value of £10. Who did you pick out and what will you buy them? Go... PS. Please keep it clean.
  6. ecfc girl

    Rochdale - Tesco clubcard vouchers deal
  7. ecfc girl

    Ballot papers?

    When will we get these? There are 4 trust members in our house and there have so far only been two lots of the above through our letterbox. This happened last year as well and ML gave me a url so I could download the extra papers for myself and my son. If this is possible then can someone...
  8. ecfc girl

    Fixtures poster Oct-Nov

    Available here -,,10436~2133301,00.html Now there's seriously no way I'm printing that off and taking it to my work and my other half's work as it would cost me a fortune in ink. Sorry ECFC but no can do. Make a nice one with black...
  9. ecfc girl

    England flags.

    I have one on a 8ft pole outside my house and one on my car which my son put there. What's your effort? PS. Feel free to post pics.
  10. ecfc girl

    Big bro 2010

    Starts tonight. Anyone going to admit to watching it?
  11. ecfc girl

    Credit card payment facility for season tickets withdrawn...?,,10436~2051229,00.html I know most of you will have bought yours by now and this won't affect you but I just thought I'd bring it your attention.
  12. ecfc girl

    Easter eggs 2010

    Which one(s) have you received? I've had a Caramel egg from DOIM, a Smarties one from my boss and a big Dairy Milk one from one of the farmers who comes into work.
  13. ecfc girl

    MOTM v Wycombe,,10436~2000866,00.html
  14. ecfc girl

    Ivybridge @ Newton Abbot Spurs (Devon Bowl)

    Clap clap from me and Lister! Anyone else joining us?
  15. ecfc girl

    What to do on Saturday night...?

    It's Andy's birthday and we'll be going for a meal with a few friends, then going to see a band. But I can;t decide between 'Full Weller' a Jam tribute band at the Longbrooke, or 'Kiss This' at the Crawford. Has anyone seen the Jam tribute before and are they any good, if not then Kiss This it is!
  16. ecfc girl

    Christmas crackers

    With the Christmas party/works do season in full swing what's the best or worst joke/novelty item you've had in a cracker? How does Jack Frost get to work in the mornings? By icicle!
  17. ecfc girl

    Argumental on Dave.

    Well I've given this show a decent chance, but I still don't like it, or find it very funny. Obviously some people do as it's been given this second series. Maybe it's just the fact that John Sargeant has the kind of face you just want to slap?
  18. ecfc girl

    Beckham's beard....

    is funny.......
  19. ecfc girl

    Official site/programme questionaire

    Official site and programme feedback here please........
  20. ecfc girl

    Official: Club shop opening times.

    11am-5pm. Monday-Saturday. Closed Sundays. There is also a notice outside the shop with this information. The Tony Pryce shop in the city centre is normal shopping hours including Sundays. For the online shop please use this link...