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    Premier League "help".

    Just wondering what PAFC fans think of the plans to sell our football league to foreign investors........oh sorry.......forget I asked.

    Clever Clever Argyle

    Does eem quite amusing to Cityu fans to imagine our green chums salvating iover an impending tie v Spurs in the Carabao cup, especially whilst 2:0 up at half time must have been a shock to concede 3 second half goals from a weakened Orient team. Clever move though from the pasty boys who must...

    Banter Board

    Interested why I can post images on every board but the banter board, it won't allow me that option. Is it something I said?

    Did Football Ever Really Exist?

    Or was it just one of those things like Santa Claus, God or The Euro vision Song Contest. Stuff hat was invented to make us think that life had some kind of meaning?

    Sugar Daddy

    interesting debate sparked by a comment from a Swindon fan on the matchday thread. something we often read is from club fans with a rich benefactor, my question would be, what is the motivation for that investment which is seldom likely to result in any actual personal financial benefit and...

    Winter Watch

    After a long absence I"ve heard that the greater spotted green woollyback {fornilus nervosa} has been seen lurking in the undergrowth. Exciting times as this particular ground dwelling rodent hasn't been seen in these parts for about five months,, some experts believing they were extinct...

    Slime or Swindon

    We could go top today! But that would not only rely on a win for us but a win for the club down the road (I wont say in Cornwall as I'm Cornish and don't want to be associated with them, sorry chums but they're yours!). I expect most people on here are keeping one eye on the slender and often...

    Poor old Bury

    Love the crocodile tears being shed for Bury on the Bogie Boys forums. Sorry to take their manager sniff, so sorry to take half their team and make them an unviable team for a takeover, sniff sniff. Face it green chums Bury"s spend now pay later modus operandi is the same as yours and it may...

    The Devon/Cornwall Derby

    What a couple of great games to look forward to net season although I'm, deeply saddened to read that Plymouth fans are underwhelmed much preferring their games against Luton the Bristol clubs and Portsmouth. Get the feeling that reality has yet to settle in down the road! :D But never mind...
  10. STURTZ

    Last Band you saw

    What happened to this thread? Anyway saw Paul Weller last week, excellent gig as usual. What was more interesting was the support act, The Zombies, a band that I always considered to be even before my time and with an authentic line up! I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be watching...
  11. STURTZ

    What will be will be.

    So, today will go a long way toward discovering what league our two Devon teams will play in next season. Will we play each other in L1, L2? Will the mighty Grecians go up whilst Slime go down? Or will our positions remain the same? Exciting times ahead. Always sad to see a once huge club...
  12. STURTZ

    Josh Storey

    Promising under 18 England schoolboy International playing for Helston at the moment. Josh Storey ball playing centre back. Expect Gargoyle to be sniffing round, hope we are!
  13. STURTZ

    Todays the day Argyle turn the season around!

    Surely the win against unfashionable Accrington will be the start of Plymouth's rise to the top again? ….oh, hang on!
  14. STURTZ

    Pig Watch

    Just thought it might be a good idea to devote a thread to our total [email protected] on the moral highground is up to, imagining Chris Packham, describing his egoistic, unscrupulous and fawning ways. Perhaps his attempts to endear himself to the new sucker might be a good watch? Always funny when porkey is...
  15. STURTZ

    Porky Pig

    Recently it has been reported that Porky Pig is responsible for many bad bad things, these things are not true and are subject to a court injunction anyway, a bit like Philip Green, so he's definitely innocent and an all round good farmyard animal innit? Anyway chums, please leave the cartoon...
  16. STURTZ

    Team for Mansfield

    Few changes in the offing, expect to see Forte back but where will that leave Boateng who played well in that striker support role. Brown and woodman out, I'd play Croll at left centre back with Deano at left back. Pym Sweeney, Martin, Croll, Moxey Tilson Taylor Boateng Holmes Stockley, Forte...
  17. STURTZ

    Is Adams picking teams to lose matches?

    Stories are that Derek Adams really hates Plymouth, but is shackled by his five year contract. Job offers are coming in but nobody is willing to pay it off. With a new, rich sugar daddy taking over from Brent, Adams is hopeful that failing to win a single game and propping up the league will...
  18. STURTZ

    Argyle get point

    There will be wild celebrations in Plymouth tonight, a 0;0 at Rovers and Argyle move up a place, to bottom. Just wonder when this surge up the table to promotion will start?
  19. STURTZ

    Massive Week

    Tomorrow's match is huge. Time to prove ourselves over our parents, time for Matt Taylor to get one over his old boss, time for City to show that we are a promotion candidate. Then on to Fulham and a chance to show ourselves against Premiership opposition. Will Matt rest players and give the...
  20. STURTZ

    Team for Newport

    We can expect those players left out on Tuesday to return, or can we? Those coming in showed they have plenty to offer, Woodman for Moxey anybody? Holmes must come back, he's playing so well but what about Lee Martin playing up front with Stockley leaving out Forte. We seem to do well well with...