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  1. Red Lion

    Dorch away

    Anyone going to this? Driven past the ground so many times and even bought a few bits in the Tesco attached to it. My mate has a minibus booked, really looking forward to seeing inside!
  2. Red Lion

    Fixtures announcement date

    Am I right in thinking next Wednesday, 22nd, is the day the Football league announces our fixtures for next season? Hoping for an unfashionable away fixture for the first game, as unusually may still be on holibobs....
  3. Red Lion

    Cullompton away in the Devon Bowl

    I believe I'm right that this fixture is on Wednesday? Anyone braving the probably miserable weather to watch our 2nd string? Just down the road for me so Junior and I will probably go (assuming that is the right night)!
  4. Red Lion

    Where did you/will you go on holiday?

    Back tonight from a week in Berlin. Lovely City, fabulous architecture, great beer, didn't have a bad meal but no wow factor with the food, the public transport is so good and so easy to actually understand how to get round, and was pleasantly surprised to feel completely safe as houses, with my...
  5. Red Lion

    Daggers away

    We're away to Dagenham & Redbridge on a Tuesday night in August. To all you cosmopolitan people who are familiar with 'the smoke' this will sound like a stupid question, forgive me, but..... If I were to find somewhere to take our lads on holiday in London Village for a few days, after the...
  6. Red Lion

    Exeter City v Newport County Matchday thread

    Is this really my first one? Hoping for 2-0 City.
  7. Red Lion

    Last band you saw live

    I've trawled through the 5 pages that remain since the Exeweb cull and can't find the original. If it still exists, MODS please add this post to the original thread and accept my apologies. Today went to Burnham on Sea and saw the mighty Skimmity Hitchers. The only way to describe them is as a...
  8. Red Lion

    John Terry

    How big a tosser is he? Leaving apart his off the pitch and alleged racial nonsense, I was aware he donned a chelsea kit to pick up the Champions League trophy last year as if he'd bust his ass for 90 + minutes. I was only aware from watching the Russel Howard show last night he did exactly...
  9. Red Lion

    When do the fixtures come out?

    I don't know the answer to that question, does anyone else? To put a bit of flesh on the thread, who do we want first game of the season? I'll go Newport at home!
  10. Red Lion

    British Lions tour!

    After not just today's game but the whole season, If Jonny Wilkinson is not in the squad, Warren Gatland is officially insane! While I'm on the subject, nothing better on the radio tonight so had Talksport on. They were doing their team of the best ever Lions players. No place in the pack for...
  11. Red Lion

    How do I change my avatar please?

    The meltdown brought back my forgotten and discarded old avatar. It was nice to see it again, and nice for some of the gaws to see it now (hate to say it but after the last 4 games while :( ) they are in their rightful place. Anyway, bored of that again. Went on my profile. I can work out how...
  12. Red Lion

    Matchday mascot

    Obviously the last 8 days on the pitch have been as dismal as any 8 days I can remember, including the mid to late 80s and 90s, in my time of supporting City. Put that with B & Bgate, the latest telecom furore brewing as I type, there's lots to moan about for us Grecians. I would just like to...
  13. Red Lion

    Wales squad

    Tonight 3 players dropped out of the Wales squad for their friendly against Australia on Wednesday. They're not blessed with a depth of talent. Wonder if Duffers is on Gary Speed's radar?
  14. Red Lion

    'Save the M5 Dinosaur'

    Not sure if anyone knows (or cares!), but some scumbag has trashed the dinosaur who used to look onto the M5 near Bridgewater. Dino needs help, if you're interested you can join the 'Save the M5 Dinosaur' facebook group!
  15. Red Lion

    Trophy engraving

    Need to get a trophy engraved for my eldest lad. The School recommended Tower Trophies at Willand but he's on hols and can't do it for a while. Anyone got any recomendations?
  16. Red Lion

    Jury service

    Always been envious of the few (most of my mates are ineligible ;) ) people I know who've been called up for jury service, today I've got the call! Hope it's a good one, anyone got any (not Hollywood) stories?
  17. Red Lion

    The 'Come on Satanage' thread

    To be truthful. it's a no win situation. I like Bucks, Peter Reid, Olly and Luggy much. much more than I like Graham W*nkley. This really hurts me, but I couldn't care less who wins. This final must be the ultimate of tinpottedness.
  18. Red Lion

    Your Plymouth dealer is a grieving man, yeah yeah!!

    In the words of the Bar-bar-rar-rar-cu-cu-da-das, sounds like we got a hit record on our hands! Summer Fun indeed!! :D[ecfc][G]
  19. Red Lion

    Topps 2011 Premier League stickers

    My youngest Lad is collecting Topps 2011 Premier League stickers. He's now got quite a few swaps. Just wondering if anyone else has kids who collect them? We're going to the match on Saturday, if anyone expresses an interest he can bring his swaps. No weirdos please.
  20. Red Lion

    Transfer window

    All the talk on WOWS is of who may or may not be leaving us after the New Year's Eve party. Obviously Tizza will be quite rightly holding his cards tightly to his chest (as usual!) but what does anyone think about the chances of us bringing anyone in in January? Do we need to? Can we afford...