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    FA Cup 2020/21

    One of my favourite ever games at SJP. Wednesday were fourth in the top flight at the time. 1-1 at half time. Bullock scored the third iirc, good centre forward. Great atmosphere, as they brought their first team and the ground held a lot more in those days.
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    Gillingham vs City FA Cup 2nd Rd MDT

    Joyeux Joel everyone...
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    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    Just checked on Wiki, and you're right. I was just berating my memory, and then realised it was over fifty years ago and I was still at primary school! I remember when Campbell arrived he played at inside forward and didn't impress. As soon as he went to full back he was mustard...
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    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    You may well be right - someone will know. I think Jimmy Blain arrived as a right winger, but was quite quickly converted to a full back, where he of course excelled. Has there been a better City right back since? He must have replaced Cec Smyth, one of my favourite players from those days.
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    Joel Randall

    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...
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    Exeter City Vs Colchester United Matchday Thread

    If I remember correctly, City were 6-0 up at half time. Jimmy Blain got a couple, I think.
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    Paul Tisdale - New Bristol Rovers Manager

    I watched Dermot Curtis playing for City when he was picked for the Republic of Ireland. Good player too.
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    Bradford City vs Exeter City match day thread

    The bottom line is that three key players from last season: Williams, Law ands Bowman, have all been struggling. The good news is that they appear to be returning to form. The same might also be said of Sparkes, although we have to take into account his serious injury. We are also playing...
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    Nobby Stiles

    In the OG. Cheered big time when Jimmy Blain got Best carried off in the first half. Was Fitzpatrick offside for their first goal? And did Denis Law handball for the third? Or has the passage of more than fifty years completely destroyed my memory?
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)

    I didn't know Pete had a brother...
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    Has this been looked at before?

    The numbers look pretty accurate to me, and go a long way to explain why we let a number of players leave. MT is not just managing a team, he is managing a budget. In the middle of a pandemic. He makes mistakes, like everyone else, but he is a smart operator, and worldly wise. This is...
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    Josh Key...

    I did wonder whether Williams couldn't play in a 'false no.9' role, running the channels and holding up play.
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    New Ground Feasibility Study

    As I have previously indicated, I think ECFC should stay at SJP, but, of course, circumstances change and you never know. In the meantime, I would like to see small incremental changes made to make our ground as welcoming and user-friendly as possible. I have mentioned the 'wedge' as...
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    New Ground Feasibility Study

    Thanks, and your interest is appreciated. I post irregularly, but as a frequent visitor to Exeweb, I understand the limitations imposed upon that corner of the ground. To answer your question a little obliquely, the fact that space in that triangle is so limited, means that any improvement, if...
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    New Ground Feasibility Study

    As has been pointed out above, the planning circumstances of a new stadium are much more complex these days, and it seems to me increasingly undeliverable. The days of selling off a city centre site for residential development and purchasing a green field location for peanuts are long gone...
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    Player Chants Season 2020/21

    Tom Parkes, Tom Parkes, lend me your grey mare All along, down along, up the city...
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    The What Should We Do With the Watkins Money Thread

    I have said this before: I would like to see the unattractive area between the NOG and the Big Bank cleaned up and used more efficiently. I have previously suggested an equivalent to Fulham's Craven Cottage, complete with a primrose bank. or a very modern, 'arty' installation. Something...
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    Should Exeter City remain a fan-owned club?

    The imminent transfer of Ollie Watkins offers a great opportunity to further improve the long term stability and sustainability of the club. That means to make the offer to supporters as attractive as possible, and I see no reason to change the current fan-owned arrangements to achieve this...
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    Ollie Watkins

    Sky saying it is at £28m with add-ons, and suggesting that ECFC get 20% of the profit for Brentford. Fantastic news, and puts us on a sound footing financially for the foreseeable future. Obviously it means that MT will have some extra funds available. I am quite sure, however, that those...