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    Re: League 2 News

    It does look nice, but look at that whacking great gap B-)
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    Re: Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    I can fully understand Pym wanting to see if he can earn more money and hold down a place at a higher level but we can't afford to wait for him. Matt Taylor will have had I'm sure an honest...
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    Re: Grimes watch.

    It won't likely amount to a huge sum, but I think I read somewhere that when a club produces a player from their academy they get 2.5% or similar of all future transfers as a sort of reward for the...
  4. Re: Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    We are definitely capable of winning today, don't think forest green will make it easy for us but the game doesn't matter a huge amount to them as their play off opponents could change throughout the...
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    Re: ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    Was there a bit of southern bias in those denied re election? Mostly northern sides replaced by teams from the middle or south of the country.
  6. Re: Exeter City A.F.C. V's Oldham Athletic A.F.C .D2 27/04/19 Official Match Day Thre

    Or we lose out on head to head record? If tranmere lose both we better beat forest green by more than one to make sure.
  7. Re: Exeter City A.F.C. V's Oldham Athletic A.F.C .D2 27/04/19 Official Match Day Thre

    Probably unlikely but just in case will be routing for bury on Tuesday night.
  8. Re: Exeter City A.F.C. V's Oldham Athletic A.F.C .D2 27/04/19 Official Match Day Thre

    Guessing you were in the ip stand? Whenever I have watched from there with it being cold or windy it's always freezing.

    Watched my first game from the new stand today, and think it's far superior....
  9. Re: Exeter City V Oldham Athletic Prediction thread

    I predict a two all draw in front of 5072(280 away) bowman and law.

    Hopefully I am wrong and we can get the three points along with some other results going our way , including Newport...
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    Re: Remaining Fixtures

    Looking at the table and fixtures just makes my head hurt.

    Given that we have got five points from the last eighteen available it doesn't look like we are good enough for the play offs , let alone...
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    Wasn't at the game yesterday but seems to me we could have got at least a draw even if we didn't play well. The first goal in particular looked avoidable with multiple opportunities to simply boot...
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    Re: Play off dates 2018/19

    I had arranged Sunday 12th and Thursday 16th off work just in case. Have sent a message to try and move my evening off on the 16th to the 9th.

    If we end up playing Friday and Monday I am fine for...
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    Re: Remaining Fixtures

    The table is so tight and changing all the time. We might only need 69 with so many sides battling, Oldham in 13th are still in the hunt with an extra game to play which is on April 30th v Newport...
  14. Re: Macclesfield v Exeter City Matchday Thread..

    100% agree with this.

    Admittedly I didn't see or hear the game, but we are still in the top seven. If we stick together and the players start to perform we can finish strongly.
  15. Re: Macclesfield v Exeter City Matchday Thread..

    Not good but can't do anything about it now. We just have to get the win on Saturday to make up for it. A five game mini season to protect our one point advantage.
  16. Re: Cheltenham Town v Exeter City Offcial Matchday Thread

    Chris weale is registered as a keeper isn't he? Unless he is injured would have thought he might be on the bench.
  17. Re: CITY V Mansfield Build-up and predictions

    First goal probably very important. We have lost against several play off/promotion contenders when we conceded and couldn't quite break the opposition down. Mansfield didn't look great in defence...
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    Re: Play off dates 2018/19

    Have got the Sunday 12th and thurs 16th booked off just in case. If we make the play offs and it ends up being Thursday 9th will either have to miss the game or see if I can swap at short notice.
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    Re: Play off dates 2018/19

    A lot of football to come which could see us finish outside the play offs or going up automatically, however I would hope we can finish at least 7th with what will hopefully continue to be an almost...
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    Re: The Lincoln City v Exeter City real MDT

    Terrible way to lose two points. Unlucky city, seemed to be a great effort with players missing and some not 100%, gutting not to get the win after getting so late.

    I don't think making a sub is a...
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    Re: Tisdale V Taylor

    Empty seats don't complain when they see baffling tactics and substitutions. Tisdale loves empty seats!
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    Re: Exeter City vs MK D*ns build up thread

    Some of it is going to be down to the players, but I also think Taylor is trying to bring a different type of player from a lot of Tisdale signings. I don't think if Tisdale had stayed we would have...
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    Re: Ollie Watkins

    Two more goals today. 10 in 28 this season, 21 in 76 altogether.
  24. Re: Exeter City AFC v MK Dons Official Match Day Thread. 2 Feb 2019

    I was apprehensive before today's game, expecting a tough afternoon. As it turns out I was guilty of giving Tisdale too much respect, and not trusting our own side and manager enough to put on a...
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    Re: Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Annoying that he wasn't on the bench today, with Chelsea for once winning comfortably it might have increased his chances of coming on.
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