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    Exeweb Steering Committee Statement

    midwife is someone to help a woman , can be a man or a women ;)
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    Father's day

    Thats cos its dead! :( - PS Done from ziders pc but dare not log him out in case he can't remember his password!
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    jumped ship i hear???
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    DJs in Exeter

    my son is a dj ill send you a pm
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    name the film

    do i have to say a little prayer for you ???
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    name the film

    thats it laz your turn .
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    name the film

    from one line only. whats that got to do with my **** ???
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    drop box

    do any exewebers use one ? any tips in what to look for , fast upload etc.
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    NHS what a load of crap

    sorry to here about your grandad, but the nhs is not the cure all,. its a "we will do the best we can".I know it is bad for you at the mo but they will do their best
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    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    agree with you there totally pete. will be setting off in a couple of hours with sister shabba and my nephew
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    Trouble in town

    so is it ok if i pinch your car ?
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    Adam Stansfield 1978-2010

    Re: Adam Stansfield we had 2 or 3 phone calls to say the same very sad news. R.I.P.
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    Right Of Light

    go next door and speak to them thay may be ok will it .
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    Any news on Stanno?

    hahaha top edit lol
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    Any news on Stanno?

    in the words of an ex exeweber you t*sser