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    Joel Randall

    Not an especially important observation, but I hadn't realised before today that he also has a really good throw on him. All in all, such a great range of skills
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    Exeter City v Oldham Official match day thread

    I'm really enjoying the 4-2-3-1 formation we are going with this year, and wouldn't change it, but it is leaving us more defensively exposed
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    EFL Floodlit Cup Final - Wed 18th Nov 6.30pm kick off

    Enjoyed that more than the senior’s last three playoff-finals combined. Beating a club we have long sought to emulate was a nice extra 🎂
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    How has Covid effected your relationship with Exeter City?

    Thoughtful idea. There'll be an aversion to doing anything that might facilitate further fraud, and I appreciate the 3pm football blackout is very important, but such an exemption would mean a lot for some, me included. Thanks!
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    How has Covid effected your relationship with Exeter City?

    Def option 1. I have long COVID which has evolved into quite severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As an exile, supporting ECFC has become one of main ways I have maintained my connection to Exeter. With my current health, watching iFollow matches has become one of the ways I’ve maintained connection...
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    The new Trust podcast.....

    I want the Jack Leslie statute campaign to succeed as much as I don’t want to hear from some Argyle fans in the first few minutes of the Trust’s first ever podcast. Don’t like being critical of innovation and hard work, but gave up after 10 mins. Consider me parochial if you wish. Will give...
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    10 matches down and what do we think?

    I have less expectation and more patience than in recent seasons because more home grown players are breaking through into the first team. That said, Randall and Key have been revelations, while Matt Jay is finally getting the match time he deserves and, in all, things have been spiced up. Our...
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    Paul Tisdale's Website - His Time At ECFC

    Even the statement that "... arguably Paul’s greatest achievement at Exeter City FC was his success in developing an environment conducive to attractive football philosophies"?
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    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread (7pm kick off)

    A goal and an assist worthy of Steve Flack. Confident we can avoid relegation
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    Bouncing ball here too, via different browsers
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    Randell Williams joins Exeter City from Watford

    Odd to advocate selling a player who is also your profile picture
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    Exeter City FC v Cambridge United FC Matchday thread.

    Why should hearing Hannah Poile for the first time cause some to judge her by a higher standard to Seth Conway? New commentators aren't normally treated like an expensive new signing who is expected to hit the ground running.
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    Exeter City FC v Cambridge United FC Matchday thread.

    Discrimination isn't always about who is and isn't allowed to succeed but often about who is and isn't allowed to fail. Hannah was not worse than Seth Conway, who was like a human vidiprinter today he had so little else to say. Hard not to conclude the double standard being applied is anything...
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    New Ground Feasibility Study

    "Let's move out of town so you have fewer options where you can buy food and drink" - what an offer. Granted the club has much better judgement nowadays, but wasn't the St James Centre originally supposed to make £500,000 a year? We've heard about the supposed windfall additional facilities can...
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    New Ground Feasibility Study

    I don't have any strong opinions on how future generations of Grecians should redevelop SJP. My point is that by surrendering that land we have limited their options and the ability to expand over the long term. Was it a price worth paying? If it meant empowering those who want to relocate from...