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    Former Players

    Dara O'Shea making his Republic of Ireland debut today
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    What year did you first watch or take a interest in The Grecians ?

    23 February 2016, aged 17 at the time, Exeter 1-4 Oxford. I wasn't that interested in football before my mid-teens.
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    Lockdown photos while out exercising

    From the top of Old Matford Lane, looking back towards Exeter From Deepway Lane, near Exminster, facing east over the M5 cutting (spot the streetlamps)
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    Football Manager 2017

    Yes. It's very slow on my computer which is usual with the betas. I'll wait until the full release to play again.
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    Football Manager 2017

    Bournemouth have won the Champions League in four of the last seven years, with the other winners being Bristol City, Real Madrid and AC Milan. Due to the ridiculous money floating around the Premier League, any teams that succeed in England will succeed in Europe. It's a well known fact that...
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    Football Manager 2017

    I've now reached 2037 in my experiment and will update you on the league positions of all South-West teams after the 2036-37 season Premier League 1. AFC Bournemouth 2. Bristol City 4. Exeter City 5. Torquay United 6. Plymouth Argyle 9. Forest Green Rovers 11. Swindon Town Championship 3...
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    MDT - Exeter City vs West Ham U21 - Checkatrade Trophy - 25/9/18

    Yep. My lights have flickered here in St Thomas
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Re: Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea (transfer fee update) Is starting tonight for Wales least according to UEFA Now announced by Welsh FA twitter account
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    Former Players

    Alex Byrne is a substitute for Weston-super-Mare in their first match of the season today.
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    Lloyd James joins Forest Green

    Guess he didn't like the new kit
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    Did you know...

    ...that the bird flu epidemic actually raised the life expectancy in Suffolk as the locals finally stopped marrying seagulls
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    Football Manager 2017

    Yep I will holiday through the whole thing. The English co-efficient hasn't suffered yet as the Big Six have largely managed to keep hold of their talent from before 2017, especially the Manchester clubs, who have dominated the Premier League. Arsenal and Tottenham are beginning to slip down the...
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    Football Manager 2017

    I've got to 2027 on the above-mentioned experiment now, and will list each of the South-West teams by their league positions at the end of the 2026/27 season: Premier League 2nd: AFC Bournemouth 7th: Bristol City 15th: Exeter City 18th: Plymouth Argyle Championship 6th: Yeovil Town 7th...
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    Update on the SJP works

    A couple of photos of mine from this afternoon