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    The Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Bollox. That was frustrating. Arguably some of our best attacking play balanced by our worst defending. Ever.
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    Exeter Rivals

    To be fair, most academics do their main research over the university vacations - during the semester there simply isn't time. Officially, we're not on "holiday" unless we take annual leave, like any other job.
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    Exeter City v MK Dons Match Day Thread

    I agree - Grounds slotted in really well. He deserves a mention.
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    Exeter City v MK Dons Match Day Thread

    wow, scintillating second half, with an emotional moment that is hard to express. We looked so good across the team, confident and elegant. Sweeney's backheel! Stanno had a couple of good moments - when he gels with the others we could see something very special - I guess he only met up with...
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    Arg*le Game on Sky Sports Monday 31st October 8pm

    Will be difficult. We are much, much better looking than they are...
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    Fans Groups - Lets have a refresh - where are there hotbeds of support

    Austria. How many do you need to qualify as a "fan group"? My daughter is genuinely happy when we win...
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    Cheats Do prosper!

    Add to this the habit - and almost everyone does it - of running a few paces holding the ball after conceding a free kick or throw in. Of course its a tactic to prevent a quick throw/kick by the opposition, but it really p***** me off. Should be treated like a deliberate hand ball - which it is...
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    Exeter City FC v Cheltenham Town FC Match Day Thread

    Really annoying. Under performed against a thoroughly cynical loathsome little team.
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    New signings in by Tuesday night? Or Thursday?

    Wouldn't it be a curious turn of fate if it turned out to be Wheeler!
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    David Wheeler

    Always loved him when he played for us. If anyone has to score against us, I'd much rather it was someone like Wheeler, who behaved with great dignity last night - and clearly has strong feelings for the club and fans. Certainly be glad to have him back.
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    Great game to watch. We really managed the game well, and in the last 10 mins we looked the more likely to score. We were a really composed, comfortable team. Also nice to see Wheeler embracing several City players after the final whistle. He took his goal well and behaved with dignity. Was...
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    Odd choice to take MJ off? And now Dieng looks injured...
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    And we're top scorers in the division!
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    Good half! Loved how MJ beat the offside trap - clever play. Crucially, unlike on Saturday, we got the second while we were on top.
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    Cambridge Utd FC v Exeter City FC Match Day Thread

    Annoying. Too many mistakes, sloppy play at the back. We need to score more when we're on top - a 2nd goal before half time might have been enough.