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    Exeter City Vs Walsall Matchday Thread

    Allegedly our beloved manager has given him a new contract!
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    Exeter City v Grimsby Town matchday thread. (postponed)

    And Weymouth. Either the pitch or how it’s managed.
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    Offers turned down for Ryan Bowman

    Not surprised about the older player but to see 3 of the academy players go before they sign a contract or play for the club.
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    Carlisle United v Exeter City Matchday Thread - 1.00pm Kick off

    The answer is no. Only Williams, Law and Bowman have been any good.
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    Exeter City v Morecambe Matchday Thread - Kick Off: 6.00PM

    I think we would benefit from changing our manager for Yems not having him as as assistant.
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    Transfer Rumours 2020/21

    Please no. Probably worse than Ajose.
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    I am sure someone posted that he gets paid for appearances so maybe that is part of it.
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    Latest Club News..

    Always assuming we have any promotion prospects of course.
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    January Window - What do we need - Buy or Loan

    I have to say that going through n his past record Indo not trust Matt Taylor to spend any budget wisely.
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    Mel Gwinnett

    In the frame to drive the team bus.
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    Ollie Watkins

    [QUOTE="LOG, post: 1923329, member: 289
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    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread (7pm kick off)

    Needs dropping but he is one of Taylor's untouchables.
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    Tivvy in FA Cup

    Away at Dulwich Hamlet.
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    Southend United V Exeter City FC Matchday thread - 10 / 10 / 2020

    Watching the free YTFC coverage of their match against Wrexham. Very good and Wrexham are now 1-0 up.