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    Harry Lee and Sonny Cox - sign professional contracts

    I've queried the stats on there before and they come from the service provider, not the club apparently.
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    Six games played, only four points gained, the Gulls sit fourth from bottom.
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    Former Players

    Think he's back at Truro.
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    Trust loan repaid

    It's probably a better comparison to remove the away support figures. 1. Macclesfield Att. 4502 -157 = 4345 2. Swindon Att. 5435 - 1063 = 4372 3. Mansfield Att. 4316 - 356 = 3960 Average = 4226 This season (first 3 matches) 1. Bradford City Att. 5609 - 685 = 4924 2. Bristol Rovers Att. 5284...
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    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    I hope we didn't purchase it from the same people that we bought the advertising boards in front of the Stanno Stand, which I don't think have ever worked for a full 90 minutes. Rather like [insert name of former player here].
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    Youth 21/22

    Not to absolve him from blame entirely but he inherited a decade-long mess Shirley?
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    Welcome Jevani Brown

    Pleased with my first impression of him, 15 mins into the PSF at Tivvy. We missed him so much against FGR last week, so whilst it's great he's been good it's also worrying we struggled for creativity without him.
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    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    Mentions Dan leaving...Dan Green?
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    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    Whenever he scores, we score 4.
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    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    And only been beaten by one of them.
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    Former Players

    And celebrates it with a goal.
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    Scunthorpe United V Exeter City MDT

    Come on Cideeee!
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    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Those green bar stewards happen to be playing Sheffield Wednesday today too