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    Rochdale - Tesco clubcard vouchers deal

    Are you sure you got an away end ticket? I received a ticket for the home end today with a hand-written note saying, "This offer is for home fans only"!
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    The pen!

    Disappointed they argued over it as I'm sure it puts more pressure on the taker, whoever it turns out to be. Presumably they both wanted to increase their goal tallies, perhaps fair enough as strikers are so often judged on this alone. Hardly good for the team though. I always think penalties...
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    Snow for the weekend...Fingers crossed for Sheff Wed!

    Only one other L1 game still on, Dagenham v Peterborough
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    Peterborough - Tesco Clubcard Deal

    Ticket received this week for the Moyes Terrace, so no problems getting an away ticket through Tesco.
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    Charity to Bristol Rovers ?

    The Memorial is a long way from Temple Meads, so I 4-1 am grateful for the early kickoff as getting the last train to Reading/London would be impossible with penalties following a 7.45 ko.
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    Huddersfield V Exeter Matchday Thread

    No, sure he got one last season at home when he was moved into midfield, can't remember who against.
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    Peterborough - Tesco Clubcard Deal

    I have just sent off asking for an away ticket, so we'll see.
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    Rochdale - Tesco clubcard vouchers deal

    Not sure if this one will work. Although it says nothing on the Tesco page, if you go to the Rochdale website and look at their article about the Clubcard deak it says tickets are for the Pearl Street TDS stand, which is not the away section...
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    11am KO?

    Whatever they decide, they need to announce it soon. People need to book trains and make arrangements to get themselves in and out of that hell-hole.
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    Bristol Rovers in the JPT

    But if you've bought seating in advance you won't be able to stand, even if they open the terrace, unless you want to pay twice. Pretty stupid arrangements on Bristol Rovers' part.
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    Huddersfield V Exeter Matchday Thread

    That's a great little bar that one, I remember it well.
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    JPT Semi-Final Draw

    Guessing this is down to police but are they never able to play at home on the same day? Even with a different KO time?
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    Saturday 27th November

    I personally would like this so I could go but would be harsh on people who have alreadt booked, given it's only two weeks away. Shame Bournmouth didn't go out, could have brought that home game forward from a Tuesday in March.
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    English Language Class/ Watson should of scored (sic)

    Could've and should've are fine but surely you should have explained that they are contractions of 'should have' and 'could have' in order to illustrate why 'should of' and 'could of' are wrong?
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    Paul Jones

    Good to see some balance to this 'debate', mainly from Ant Moxey. I just can't understand why so many people (on here and on the Bank) take so much pleasure in denouncing Jones. He's had a terrible game and his form recently is below his usual standards, I agree. But this is a young lad who has...