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    Cult Hero

    Ah yes, classic from Flacky
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    Cult Hero

    I refrained from putting him in
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    Cult Hero

    Why thank you! Reading this thread has got me thinking that the Cult Hero is almost a dying breed. City had plenty in my formative years watching them in the mid 90s and you could make a case for others well into the 00s. Would be hard pushed to name many now. Clint has been mentioned, Harley...
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    Cult Hero

    Flack is up there in the cult hero stakes, his partnership with Braithwaite is a cult hero match made in heaven. Think Braithwaite shades it due to being almost too fast to play football and having about 3 or 4 songs devoted to him despite being a fairly limited footballer. Make you right...
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    Cult Hero

    He absolutely terrorised Argyle in a Devon Derby in the late 90s - think it was 99/00 as the Cowshed was a pile of rubble and the atmosphere was terrible. Think they escaped with a 1-1 draw. We had him on loan from Bristol Rovers and I'm sure he still lives in Bristol. My mate bumped into him...
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    Ninety Years

    I went through a phase of going in the OG back in the late 90s early 00s, firstly because we used to go in the lounge prior to going on the lash in Exeter and after when my then girlfriend played for the ladies team and I used to get a comp. Only a handful of memories - Newcastle PSF when the...
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    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go We did, I still have nightmares about my one and only trip to Ashton Gate! Make you right about Port Vale
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    Tom Nichols signs for Peterborough

    How many times! The club might not be in a position to release the details
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    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go You're not alone I'd imagine, there are plenty within our support who have never taken to him despite his achievements. Some would prefer a "meat and potatoes" type - track suit tucked into socks prowling the touchline in a battered pair of old Copas who's not afraid to...
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    I've heard some nonsense in my time, but this takes the biscuit...

    Despite the disappointing outcome, what a great day that was! Great game, plenty of goals (including if my memory serves me correctly a peach from Coppinger), boiling hot with a big crowd, although I've seen it reported as high as over 8000 I don't think it was that big. It certainly didn't feel...
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    Guy's Gaffes (Branston in a Pickle)

    Pulling someone up on "there" spelling, genuinely surprised.
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    Anfield atmosphere last night

    Re: anfild atmosphere last night Mentioned on another thread that I thought our support was ok and concurred with a 6/10 rating that someone had given us. I do believe that the negative line-up/tactics were a contributing factor and had we had a real go and had more than one shot on target...
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    Liverpool v Exeter City - Official Matchday Thread

    I stood the whole time and only briefly sat down at HT. I'm glad the stewards where we were didn't make us sit down as it would have been quite uncomfortable and I just about scrape 6ft. Might explain why an end that doesn't appear that big can accomodate so many people
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    Pub for Liverpool

    Let us in, they showed the 1986 FA Cup Final on the screens after our game. Magnificent kits and mullets
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    David Wheeler: I'm happy to stay at Exeter but owe my future serious consideration

    Agreed, refreshing amount of honesty from him. Sounds like he's holding out for L1 either now or the end of the season. Oxford or Bristol Rovers would suit him if they went up. As his column proves he's no idiot and knows signing a new contract does him no favours