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    Newport County vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I think the HT talk goes something like "remember the Alamo".......
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    Stevenage v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    If Randall is close to fitness then that is good news and we can revert to a back four
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    Stevenage v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I think until we can get Randall and/or Williams fit then this may have to be the formation
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    Albums of 2020

    It's not been a great year for music in terms of recording in lockdown and not being able to tour but there were still some great albums Fish - Weltschmerz Bryce - Volume of Things Ulver - Flowers of Evil A.A. Williams - Forever Blue Witch of the Vale - Commemorate
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    Obituary Thread

    I believe that Boba Fett has passed away....
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    Exeter City v Harrogate Town Matchday Thread

    Whilst it was fantastic to get back on the Big Bank that was very disappointing.... Collins could hardly find a pass so very surprised when Taylor went off instead of him. Key moving forward to right wing didn't work and Law for some reason didn't seem to even want the ball at times - anyway we...
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    The Philosophy Thread

    From Amy Farrah Fowler of the Big Bang Theory: "I don't object to the concept of a deity but I am puzzled by the notion of one that takes attendance"
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    Harrogate Prediction and discussion thread

    After all the goals flying in recently I reckon a narrow one nil win to mark my return to the Big Bank
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    Can we afford to lose Ryan Bowman and Randell Williams in January ?

    The way Taylor has the team set up, Williams is far more replaceable than Bowman at the moment.....
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town, Pappa John Pizza Trophy. Match Day Thread

    Dyer looked ok but I was more impressed with Hartridge out of the back three
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town, Pappa John Pizza Trophy. Match Day Thread

    Few things I learnt tonight 1) Ajose will not be the answer to our scoring problems 2) neither will Seymour 3) Sparkes' crossing is hugely erratic 4) Hartridge will be a star 5) I bloody well loved being back at SJP
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    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    Well I've got myself a ticket for the Papa John's game - not really sure what it will be like sat on my own, wearing a mask but it is live football so let's see how it goes
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    Grimsby Town V Exeter City Match Day Thread Tuesday 1st December 2020 7.00 p.m. kick off

    Let's hope Maxted is fully fit... shame we couldn't prolong the emergency loan for one more week
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    How has Covid effected your relationship with Exeter City?

    Bit of a 3 for me.... watching on a screen on my own isn't the same - I miss the whole match day experience of a pint, the chat, the atmosphere I sure the enthusiasm will return with the crowds
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    Ryan Bowman.....

    As long as we stay unbeaten I couldn't care less who scores the goals....