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    Update on the SJP works

    When I was a ball boy in the 80's we retrieved the balls on the railway line ourselves. No health and safety back then.
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    Poppy/ecfc badge

    I'll have one off you on sat night geeze.
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    ECFC v Liverpool - Important Ticket News

    I hope no one took eggs advice and not worry about being able to get a ticket and "relax". I know of people unable to get tickets who are existing trust members as the're sold out. In the past it's ok to roll up on the last day before general sale and get your ticket, not anymore. I wonder what...
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    Sad News

    Top lad, will be sadly missed. Rip Dom.
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    Telegraph road-Dire Straits,best song ever written?

    In no particular order. Tunnel of love Down to the waterline Your latest trick Private investigations Romeo and Juliet Brothers in arms
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    Cheltenham Festival

    Won just over 300 on ocean transit today. 25 each way at 50/1, happy days!!
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    Ben Watson

    Spoke to him before the game and he seemed fine, didn't mention any injury.
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    Jamie Mackie goes to QPR

    I'd like to think that this clause rolls on to whichever club he signs for,why put it in when he signed for the scum, unlikely to get a cap while playing for them!
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    What phone?

    Good choice, my next purchase will be the htc desire. Why pay stupid money for an i phone?
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    Know anything about Insurance?

    Try Aviva, they were offering really good deals on all types of insurance. My wife works for a commercial ins broker but Aviva were around £150 cheaper than them. Mine is business use and the policy was even cheaper when adding the wife.
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    Dagenham v Exeter city Matchday Thread

    Wed is always a day off, doubt they'll get friday off.
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    Exeter Chiefs fans (W*nkers)!

    Saw someone with a Chiefs shirt on on sat night and asked him they got on, he said "they won"! Obviously a new fan or he would of said "we won".
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    Jamie Mackie goes to QPR

    Personally i think its great when like this week, Coppinger scored 3, Mackie got 2 and Friend scored last sat. All players that have gone on to better things after playing for us and our coaches/managers played a big part in their development.
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    Buying a used car

    One thing i would say is don't be afraid to travel as you can pay a lot less up north and in wales. We bought a xsara picasso 2 years ago which was 3 years old from a dealer in south wales and saved a small fortune. Couldn't believe it when we searched on autotrader and this 05 car was the same...
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    Gig In The Garden

    Under the thumb and more into camping and caravaning than football these days!!