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    Adam Chicksen

    Apparently we are in talks with left back Adam Chicksen, just released by Bolton Wanderers.
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    Signing about to be announced

    Sorry to bring this back on topic, but rumour has it that Havant striker Alfie Rutherford is being looked up and down by MT.
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    Ifollow player

    Or not missed your train :p
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    Loan: Ampadu to MK Dons

    Hi all I'm writing a football A-Z book. Current focus is on the first half of the alphabet, A-M. I will start with a write up of Ampadu, and am going all the way through to MK Dons. It's proving expensive and sadly I've run out of cash to fund this venture, but if anyone can assist with debt...
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    Transfer Rumour - Luke Southwood

    Apparently being lined up to come in on a season-long loan from Reading, should an acceptable offer come in for Pym.
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    Tisdale to MK Dons

    Will the sad passing of Peter Winkelman yesterday have any impact on Tisdale and this new role?
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello Clive It is a pleasure to meet you, albeit virtually. Best regards Sprocket
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    Keith Curle to Exeter?

    My sources are impeccable, but never revealed B-)
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    Keith Curle to Exeter?

    If Tisdale goes, Matt Oakley will replace him, with Matt Taylor as his assistant. If Tisdale takes the Matts with him, Lee Bradbury at Havant is being lined up.
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    Transfer gossip: George Rigg

    I understand from an informed source that we are looking closely at Bath City's George Rigg. He had an unsuccessful trial with us before, but has done a sterling job in non-league since then. Proper chap too.
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    John Russel & Mike Lewis- where are they now?

    They are currently running a JCB dealership in Scarborough.
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    Ecfc v brentford matchday thread

    Tillson is an accident waiting to happen?
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    Former Players

    Pidgeley was of course on that dubious list of "youth players I gave their break to" that Mourinho came up with recently
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    Flybe sponsorship?

    That's my boy.
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    Flybe sponsorship?

    Hi Antony. £999,999 is not ten times £100,000, it is 9.99999 times £100,000.