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    Two Questions for Porky

    The way we're going at the moment I might be. Your team could be the closest to a hometown club I can get ;)
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    Two Questions for Porky

    To be fair, although my recollection is a bit sketchy now, I found your Facebook page and passed your details on. Not proud of it but at that time a fair few years ago it was mainly you and Deathy bantering myself and Ian. I admit I took the 'game' too far and apologise for that. To the best of...
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    The Grecianfannyilovegordonsparks appreciation thread, and universal mockage

    I think Exeweb needs some of this for grecianfanny. Does the little oik have no shame. Poor ole Tis.
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    Got to love him.

    If Pompey wanted the Devonport End they'd just take it :D
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    Bye Bye Turkeys (the zero sympathy thread)

    Thought I'd better show my face and take the flak. Like Col says, if the boot was on the other foot I'd be all over you guys. Give it your best shot :p
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    For you attendance obsessed Grecians

    That was a good turnout just to welcome back Danny Stevens for his trial ;)
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    You thick [email protected], it's him I'm taking the p!$$ out of.
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    Them nat prapperrrr faaaannnsss !!!
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    Chuckles and I.

    Apparently one or two Gargs think we're better acquainted than we are. If you were indeed hacked as Rickler alleged he was I welcome any Police involvement, I'll even give you my phone number so you can forward it to them. Apparently on that site...
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    Chuckles and I.

    Poof? We never doubted it (rofl)
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    Chris Hargreaves

    This ain't banter, Lezbo get one of your Gestapo to move it to WOWS :D
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    Chuckles and I.

    Better late than never. Ian is a decent enough bloke, like I always tell him though, takes the internet far too seriously. See you at the next GGG ;)
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    Chuckles and I.

    He meant prapppperrrrr faaaaanssss ;)
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    Chuckles and I.

    Glad you took my advice, even though it was a couple of years late. I'd be interested to know if you ever found out the real culprit concerning the use of your identity.
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    Torquay morons

    Unfortunately there is a group trying to step up. They'll get a good kicking like the last lot did when they met up with some Brentford fans and that will put them back in their box. A quick look on Facebook will show them trying to kick it off with some Argyle yoof. Kids will be kids.