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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    I'm inclined to agree with you. I suspect the club were banking on having sold another player this season to keep the cash flow up, but it sounds like it's manageable and been costed sensibly. The end of that last sentence is something I never thought I'd say in relation to Exeter City!
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    Fan Photos and Videos I’m not sure if anyone has seen this, for anyone not aware of the reference, search ‘Seattle sounders fight and win’ on YouTube.
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    Latest Club News..

    I'm more impressed by the fact printers and computers have managed to cross the Tamar.
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    Just floating a thought.....

    That's interesting thanks, I don't recall ever seeing it.
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    Just floating a thought.....

    I suggested yonks ago to the Trust that they could publish, for want of a better word, a wedding gift list of things the club needed and then folk could buy all or part of them. For example someone might choose to buy a couple of forks from the list for the groundsmen, but if there was say a...
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    Ollie Watkins

    I thought there was an upper cap on the amount we would receive from Brentford but I can't find any mention of it so could be entirely wrong.
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    Exeter City (who?)

    Surely the plucky pilgrims didn't need to qualify for the playoffs. They won the league months ago didn't they?
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    Manager Thread..Appointments & Dismissals

    If even part of this is true then it's pretty damning.
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    So who’s better?

    I don’t think we were harsh, he was offered a new contract and rejected it. It’s just business.
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    Northampton Town Vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    I turned up at Sixfields all chilled out thinking I didn’t care about the result. I was wrong. Absolute scenes and what an atmosphere. First visit across town I’ve ever enjoyed!
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    New Number 10 - Sam Nombe

    I was just chatting to some mates of his in the car park after the match who had come up from MK. They said Sam absolutely loves life at City and is buzzing about the club. I mentioned his time at Luton and they said he’d not enjoyed it at all or felt loved by the fans or manager. Let’s hope...
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    Northampton Town Vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Long journey 3 miles across town for me. And the sun is shining gloriously in Northampton today.
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    Unacceptable Supporter Behaviour - Club statement

    It was great to see common sense prevail and an effective blind eye turned to it all. In a world of health and safety it's nice to see a bit of civilised chaos sometimes.
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    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    Take your binoculars. Horrible stadium to watch football in.
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    Northampton 30 April pre match cobblers

    I'm just going for the party (and because I only live the other side of town) Any result will be a Brucie bonus.