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    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    At the risk of stalking you Olds... I've driven them a lot through work, in fact outside my office window I can see >25 right now (design office for an OEM) although I've not yet taken the plunge with actually getting one. Lovely to drive with the flat torque curve (you probably see it with...
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    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    I believe it's a bit of an opportunisitic 'scam' (for want of a better word) as far as I'm aware there's been no real accusation or problem found with Mercedes engines, (nor Nissan/Renault who also have similar adverts against them).
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    Ollie Watkins

    Yer tis, £18m buyout clause activated. Cash him in boys. Kerrrrrching. What do we reckon to be ECFC's cut?
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    Scrap that, found it. (alhough not in his direct tweet, but in the comments below.)
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    Thanks Hants, I guess Step 5 (Exmouth and the like) must come out soon now that step 6 has been released.
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    Any idea when the step 5/6 league allocations get issued? In previous years it gets decided by end of June and there’s normally a fair shakeup as clubs withdraw or go pop.
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    City and Chiefs same owner.

    Of course, Mr Rowe doesn’t actually own the Chief’s. It is a members club with each member owning a share.
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    the pitch

    Ah that’s interesting, and a shame. Thanks Benguin.
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    the pitch

    I wonder if the club have considered talking to the Chiefs, I understand they have a Desso Grassmaster pitch. Perhaps, much as it might pain many here to do, we could have it next time they relay it (if it’s reusable of course). I’m sure Chelsea or one of the other Premiership clubs has done...
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    Furlough the players to avoid a cashflow crisis

    I don't mean new employees, I mean adding newly furloughed people, ie, can a current employee be furloughed now. I thought that wasn't allowed.
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    League 2 News

    Plenty of miles sat on the bus for the players to think about how to perform in big matches perhaps.
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    Furlough the players to avoid a cashflow crisis

    I thought the window to furlough new employees had now passed.
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    Clear out?

    For once I agree with Danny, at least as a wish list. Although I’d consider keeping Parked and L.Martin.
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    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    Living in Northampton I desperately hope we win so I can lord it round the town in my City shirt, it’s going to be bloody unbearable if they win.
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    Colchester v Exeter City Playoff MDT

    This is bloody boring so far.