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    Welcome Harry Smith

    I remember he played for Macclesfield a few years ago against us and we lost 1-0 at home and he held the ball up really well.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    What’s to say MT gets frustrated at how we can’t sign better players to make his squad better and gets offered another team up country which can support transfers better. Then we’re a thin squad, no depth with teams looking at our manager. Probably get shut down for saying it but it is...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Cambridge away showed we had nothing to offer squad depth wise. Couple of injuries and we’re starting to use people we wanted to loan out. January will be too late if we get a thinned squad and struggle from now till then, especially with those run of fixtures towards the end of the season...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Yeah, he would make us stronger and there’s no denying that and it’s a very easy loan move for everyone involved. The other side of it is most people don’t clap there hands to “all hate Plymouth Argyle” every week for no reason.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    I think the point being made more is that it would be from Argyle. Our rivals who we now match in league status and if we were to loan a player off them then we look inferior with having to use their players. It’s all rival specific. Why should we help them and why should we have to deal with...
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    Just asked my avid Ipswich mate about him. He described him as one minute looking like prime Patrick Viera and then looking like Patrick from Eastenders
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    People were quick to judge our signings a year ago, so give them time. At the moment we are pretty bare bones and I dread to think what happens when injuries start occurring. On paper, a signing like Rakeem Harper would be decent in my eyes. Or we could go for someone like Owura Edwards again...
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    Diabate was excellent. My MOM. Sparked was also very good.
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    Cambridge Utd FC v Exeter City FC Match Day Thread

    Lost on losing the first header, and the second. Personally I think we could of freshened the team up quicker. I know MT doesn’t like 5 subs but the other teams are going to use it. Hopefully a lesson.
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    Cambridge Utd : 13th August

    On the gate. They only offered physical tickets when I got mine so I guess they cut it off for delivery reasons. Wonder how many we take, saw it was at 330 or something the other day.
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    Lincoln City v Exeter City Match day thread!!

    If we were to sit then we’d end up being as loud as Forest Green. The standing creates a louder atmosphere as people are quite literally ‘up out there seat’ from the kick off. We’re known as decent fans home and away and long may that continue with our loud support away if that means standing...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

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    Torquay United vs Exeter City friendly match day thread. Kick off 3pm

    Let’s all worry at the end of the season and say wether they got it right or wrong. Admittedly it doesn’t look too good at the moment but I was made to eat my words after Leyton Orient away last August so I’m sitting back and waiting before any judgement. I’m sure we’ll see faces in the next...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    They’ve been on Exeweb today then.
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    Fixtures Release Date - Thursday 23 June 9am

    Booked off the weekend of 13th Aug from work thinking a great League One away fixture was on the horizon….Cambridge, ergh.