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    What is it with the Tisadle hate?

    My first post in three years or so.. I got fed up with the forum, in all honesty, but I'm still an Exeter fan. And, as much as anything I'm only posting this as I'm intrigued to see if my sign-on still works. I do read posts from time to time and remain utterly bemused by the ones which touch on...
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    Pakistan v England test series/ODI 2012

    Not a long way to go now, though....
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    Barcelona beat Real Madrd yet again...

    Excellent news....lovely to see Mourinho keep coming second best ....
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    Pakistan v England test series/ODI 2012

    Very bad day but long way to go in game.
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    Last film watched..

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    What Book Are You Reading?

    You REALLY don' t want to read " Finnegan's Wake " then. It makes " Ulysses " read like " Andy Pandy".
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    Tisdale or Warnock?

    It does have a certain Tisdale -like ring to it, this is true...
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    Spurs ? Shirley not ?

    I hope it does happen, but fear it won't...
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    Little things that annoy you

    The phrase, " jaw-dropping ".
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    New year - new rant

    Rhodes has obviously got something about him and, imo, is extremely likely to succeed ay a higher level. Unless he turns out to be Ted Macdougall.
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    New year - new rant

    Another Rhodes hattrick. Chances of still being with Huddersfiled at end of month ?
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    Gill on loan?

    If Wikipedia is to be believed it seems he has scored precisely no goals in 24 games for the mighty Newport. To think there were those who thought we made a mistake in letting him go.
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    Newcastle United

    I thought Newcastle were excellent last night. Not sure they really are excellent on a consistent basis but credit where due. Demba Ba had a brilliant game.
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    New year - new rant

    I didn' t mean you, " puppet master " ! Your staggering intellect, ability to never make the same point more than about 250 times etc. etc.. clearly excludes you.