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    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    It went the same way when fb bought in the like facility, people would rather hit the like button, rather than comment. It makes people lazy and less interactive.
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    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    Admittedly, I only dip in and out and very rarely look at matchday threads now, unless it's the rare occasion where I've been the match. Defo, don't go on as often, since I don't have a laptop at home, and personal life is a lot busier now. Added to working, can't go on the computer at work...
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    Last film watched..

    Only had 1 and a half starts on sky, so I avoided it, glad I did now. Lion King, the new one. Having seen the original several hundred times, I knew what to expect, but wanted to watch it, to see how it were done. Have to say, very impressed and glad I did go. One thing, I didn't realise...
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    Bury fan in peace.

    I get where you're coming from, but clubs have to start from somewhere, unless of course we're talking about mk franchise. The likes of Bury, Bolton, etc are founder members of the football league, doesn't mean that small clubs are not allowed to get financial help to make them bigger. As long...
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    Bury fan in peace.

    TBF if they had an ounce of common sense, they would have stayed away, with the amount of debt on the place. I don't get why people, slate the Neville brothers and the rest of the class of 92, they have chose a club to back, and are in it with full commitment. Isn't this what most fans want from...
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    The Penny Drops.

    My cousin has worked there for years, had she have not worked there, I would have pronounced it the same. More recent, but I thought meme's were pronounced me-me not meem (tmi)
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    More problems at Bolton Wanderers

    It's a shambles, my son started going watching Bolton, when Deano was there, as the ST prices were only 60 odd quid for under 18s, he started going regular. The EFL are mainly responsible, Anderson, should never have been allowed near a football club, after what happened at Southampton. When he...
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    The Nicky Law Awards

    Forgot how much of a charmer, you were
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    The Nicky Law Awards

    Why, thank you, Indo :)
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    The Nicky Law Awards

    Tbh I can't remember, I don't think I did, but there were a few jokes made about the Horse & Dray :$
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    The Nicky Law Awards

    That was LOG, and had him and myself in cartoon form, presenting it.
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    Citys 'problem' fans at home and away

    Some women swear more than men, never bothers me about swearing at games. The only thing that bothers me at games is singing songs like IRA and dead people. I'm puzzled why this danny geezer is more concerned about swearing
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    Little things that annoy you

    The amount of temporary traffic lights in and around St Helens. Either roads or pavements being dug up. No less than 5 sets on my 5 mile journey to work, and then today, they were setting up another lot :@
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    Last time you saw someone famous

    Chris Bisson of Emmerdale and Coronation Street fame, at the Boyzone concert in Manchester on 2nd Feb. (yeah, i've not logged in here for a while)