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    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    I think it is self sustaining up to a point. That point is not with a competitive L2 budget, more a lower L2 budget.
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    Mansfield v City build up, chat and predictions.

    I know MJ is a little fella but he still has to count as one player doesn't he?
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    Obituary Thread

    Ex Aussie opener Dean Jones has passed away after a sudden cardiac arrest, only 59. A great and entertaining batsman who kind of set the blueprint for Aussie openers to come.
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    You could have been guessing forever before coming up with those names.
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    Wallpaper Wednesday

    Like a young Jason Minett 😉
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    Politics Today

    The Tories for EFTA movement all got sacked last year or left of their own accord didn't they? Still have a sneaky feeling that the current "big man power play" around the Internal Market Bill is a foreshadowing of some kind of deal which will be paraded as a triumph to all those not looking...
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    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    From what I heard in a report somewhere, the government are not so much concerned about limited crowds in the stadiums, but the crowds gathering outside the stadiums, going to pubs, cafés etc...
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    Ollie Watkins Rise!!!

    We do play at St Jimmy's Park 🙂
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    Exeter City Women 2020/21 Season

    On topic 🙂, I haven't seen anything to say that it is not going ahead as planned with supporters allowed. Different gender I know, but Tivvy are still allowing up to 600 in to tonight's FA Cup tie. (Could we maybe introduce Just A Minute rules, although that might severely limit traffic and...
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    Politics Today

    Yep, if it's all gone rather badly it will be dangerous for the current government to bring it up. If it's gone well, they might bring it up but do run the risk of a large amount of the general public going "FFS, not brexit again, I thought that was done".
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    Virtual Fan Forum on the 22nd!

    I thought it was more positive when he said they were looking at being more than just sustainable and not rely so much on the academy bringing in windfall. He didn't go into detail what the ideas to boost income was apart from a bit about improving match day experience to grow the amount of fans...
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    Is Dial M for Merthyr still going?
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    Youth 2020/21

    Don't forget Eli Collins as well, twin brothers with Zeph I think.
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    Politics Today

    It would always have been clearer to have a confirmation referendum once details of what Brexit would look like actually was. But then again, we still don't know now. (Apportion blame where you will 😉).
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    UK Lockdown

    Brits have always had a tendancy to ***** (will "burst" be acceptable Mr Censor?) the bubble of pompous asses who think they're the Dog's. PG Wodehouse's satire of Sir Roderick Spode/Mosley as the leader of those blighters who run around in black footer bags going against the stick he got in...