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    Predict the run in

    Crawley away - win Argyle home - win Yeovil away - win Northampton home - win Mansfield home - win Bristol rovers away - win Morecambe home - win Luton away – win Wife comes in with a cup of tea and I wake up
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    I've heard some nonsense in my time, but this takes the biscuit...

    It did not make much difference to me in the Main Stand, I could not hear the scores the team or any announcements on the useless Loud Speaker System.
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Thanks very much for the info, bought the tickets no prob. Had to buy Grecian Travel tickets separate and incur two lots of postage, but hey ! who cares we are off to the match.
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Just tried to buy two Over 65-tickets, but full price Adult tickets only on offer, Is this option going to be available later ?
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    The Loudspeaker System I sit in the Flybe Stand and can barely hear a word of the announcements coming over the PA System. Up to recently it was fine. Or is it just me. ?
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    Not really a proper chap perhaps?

    Surely diving is only a heinous crime when the opposition do it !
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    Exeter City's pasties

    Ivor Diddley Do Da Pasties we love you
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    Marcus Haber

    I would like to see Marcus Harber stay to the end of the season. he has height and speed, and could be very useful if he can get the right service. But I suppose regarding service, you could say that about any striker.
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    Stans injury

    I am probably wrong, but I thought Stans should have come off the the field, much earlier on Saturday. Whats the point of having strikers on the bench, and not using them in these circumstances.
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    Dan seabourne interview with sky sports

    Glad he went and not Taylor, Tully, or anyone else. But will miss the comedians in our stand who used to shout (DON,T PASS THE BALL TO HIM) Though
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    1-0 up with 15 minutes left

    Bum biting
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    Tickets going well,reception hotline!!

    quote As there will be more people with tickets than people paying on the gate to get in, it would make sense to make one turnstile at each entrance pay on the gate and the others ticket entrance only......maybe? Twenty minutes after the gates open, all remaining tickets will be sold, so then...
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    Why does......

    I always thought they smelled like that because they are Unicorn turds. But I have led a sheltered life.
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    The Beer Lovers' Thread.

    You can get an excellent pint of Otter Ale in The Swans at Axminster. I know I drink it.
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    Ashamed to be a Grecian

    I,m not watching the high lights on TV in case we get the Benny Hill treatment again. But I will watch them next week when we stick the Shots 3 nil. Up the Grecians.