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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    it's here
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    Covid in the camp

    I might be wrong but I thought it was Alan Hardaker.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    I wonder if we have ever considered renegotiating the transfer deal? We could perhaps accept £2.5m to £3.0m now and waive our share of loan deals and the 20% of any future transfer.
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    ACV application for St James Park Withdrawn

    i8, I don’t think it is beyond the bounds of possibility that, because ECC has virtually exhausted all its land resources, that it could be the subject of a boundary extension in the relatively near future. This happened at Plymouth for example when Plympton and Plymstock were incorporated into...
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    ACV application for St James Park Withdrawn

    AP, whilst I’m in total agreement with your sentiments about securing the freehold, there is one protection against selling the freehold to another party. If the Council did that with the likely intention of forcing us to leave SJP they would then have to provide another facility for us within...
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    Welcome Callum Rowe

    Ben Chrisene is part of the congratulatory gathering.
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    Old turnstiles

    Neil le Milliere was responsible for acquiring the ones from Arsenal. From memory I think we might have paid £500 for them but Neil would give the definitive answer. Our own were in use when I first started supporting City in 1953........they looked old then!!!
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    St James Park Investments

    Malc I think from memory that the original price for the purchase of the school and the land up to Stadium Way was £400,000. The land was subsequently sold off by OTR for housing for (again from memory) £300,000. Not a bad investment! As for the pitch, drainage always seems to be the big...
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    City Goalscorers Nerd Out

    Thanks Grecian, that's absolutely brilliant! Very poor crowd at 'only' 12,000!! Oh for days like that again!
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    City Goalscorers Nerd Out

    It was Saturday 28th March 1959
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    City Goalscorers Nerd Out

    The "Bible" is certainly wrong Pete. I remember us playing Port Vale in a top of the table battle and they beat us 4-3 at SJP. Wilco played a very big part in that game and I was delighted when we signed him from Port Vale the next season. He was a big strong lad, very good in the air.
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    Carlisle United v Exeter City Matchday Thread - 1.00pm Kick off

    Give them the heavy balls from the sixties in training, then on match day it will be a piece of cake.
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    Maurice Setters RIP

    So sad to hear this as I knew Maurice after growing up in Honiton. The lads always enjoyed him bringing Bobby Charlton home to his parents' place and then having a couple a couple of pints in his local, the Star.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    The anguish on Ethan's face at 55 seconds into the video clearly demonstrates that it was a painful contact.
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    New Ground Feasibility Study

    IBA, "Darts land" adjacent to the M5 and Topsham football ground was one of the dozen sites considered by Drivers Jonas. It was ranked No.5 out of those sites but was not seriously considered because of the reasons you state. It was also a high cost site because of its suitability for housing...