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    *OFF* Charlton Athletic V Exeter City Sat 10th September 2022 Discussion and Prediction thread

    Cricket and rugby going ahead today, great north run and park runs on as normal. Confirmed there was no obligation to cancel things so the fa got this wrong. My sons had an under 11 game postponed so instead of getting exercise in the fresh air with a respectful minutes silence they get to play...
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Doesn’t appear to be in the squad for Spezia today. Possibly didn’t get the work permit in time?
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    City v MK* chat and predictions

    I wonder how many tickets we have sold for tomorrow? I wasn’t planning to go originally but have booked standing tickets for me and my kids as feel it’s one of those occasions that could potentially live long in the memory. hopefully the two signings will provide a decent boost to the crowd to...
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    Welcome Josh Coley - our new No. 31

    The Devon live article mentioned we were looking at bringing someone else in last night. The context we need is was that stansfield or someone else? And has that deal been done and to be announced later today or what was the reason for it failing? If it has failed unfortunately not sure we will...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    We will know by tomorrow if stansfield or someone else has been agreed and just not confirmed yet. The article states(hopefully not just an echo of Exeweb discussions) that at least one other potential incoming was being discussed but not confirmed as being completed. I’m assuming this was...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Even with the smith deal, had we previously signed someone in an evening of deadline day? Previously I can only recall signings during the day time of the final day. As has been mentioned we should be able to back Matt Taylor in January if we can find the right deals, the extra funds may help...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Although it isn’t ideal I can understand the pond sale if his value has been met and the player wanted to go. I was hoping he would do very well at Yeovil , hopefully for the whole season but we would have had the option of calling him back early if we suffered defensive injuries. While its...
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    Welcome Harry Smith

    Think a option to recall in January is standard. As it went to the wire may have not had the time to thrash out a permanent deal assuming all parties wanted to. Happy we have one in and need to give the player a fair chance. we might not have time to do stansfield as well but if Fulham are...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    No idea if it’s got any truth, rumoured on bbc.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Fulham apparently trying to sign Carlos vinicius from benfica and Dan James on loan from Leeds. If these go through imagine they would loan out Jay stansfield…
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    Exeter vs Newport County - EFL Trophy - predictions and discussion thread.

    I did note from reading the rules that at the end of the group if second and third place had equal points and same goal diff and then goals scored and then had also won the same amount of games and then had also drawn the game between the two sides tied on points that lots would be drawn. I...
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    Sonny Cox

    Can he go out on loan after end of window to national league level, or would it have to be lower? Am I right in assuming a loan to a non league club can be recalled at short notice?
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Mk dons have signed joshua kayode on loan from Rotherham. 22 year old forward. mostly played at league two level previously.
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Jack Diamond a forward from Sunderland has signed on loan for Lincoln. 22 year old scored 14 goals last season for Harrogate. Wonder if we maybe had looked at him?
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    Loan watch 22-23

    bbc also are suggesting Pond is playing right wing..