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    Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City Match Day Thread

    You said it. His departure was agreed.cos we are nice !! If he had been looking t it for a couple of years, why did we sign him 2 years previous ??
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    Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Without a midfield playmaker aka Law, we just don't create. I think its called one dimensional football. With Law, we would PROBABLY be sat comfortably in the playoffs, But we are a "nice" club and let our best player walk. Williams is like a schoolboy, runs about, beats a player or two and...
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    Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City Match Day Thread

    did someone actually offer money for Williams??
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    Barrow A.F.C. v Exeter City F.C. Match Day Thread

    Ben Seymour... wtf?
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    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    Yay. Might as well be Progressive off the pitch if we are inot going to be progressive on it.
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    Nicky Ajose

    Calm down Dear. I don't have a "divine right" to know anything, nor did I imply that I did.. It is in fact as you put it, "ECFC is far more communicative than most" that makes it even more strange that they dont actually let the fans know something that we actually want to know about, ie a...
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    Nicky Ajose

    Ajose has been here best part of 2 years. The fanbase has been asking questions as to his fitness/availability/personality etc etc for the best part of 2 years. Not unreasonable i think. Why do the Press not simply ASK the player himself wtf is going on ? Seeing as the club seem to want to keep...
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    A Plea To Matt Taylor

    Put Ajose on the bench. If he is only 30% fit, he will offer something we havent got coming off the bench now.He knows where the goal is. Tonight was the case in point. All over Oldham with NOTHING in the box capable of scoring. I hate to say it but Seymour is not the answer.
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    Crawley v Exeter City match day thread

    Interesting stuff re: Taylor saying Seymour playing tired/squad being tired and having to freshen things up each game etc.. Why is it then, that when Bowman is available, he plays EVERY game ?? I personally think that Bowman works as hard as, if not harder than any other player when on the...
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    Carlisle United v Exeter City Matchday Thread - 1.00pm Kick off

    Poor game. plenty of possession, but no flair,or imagination. Bowman had next to nothing to feed off. And as much as our new keeper might be a good shotstopper and a lovely lad, he desperately needs to work on his kicking, cos at the moment its nowhere near good enough.
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    Exeter City v Morecambe Matchday Thread - Kick Off: 6.00PM

    Terrible game of football, and quite possibly the absolutely worse commentary pair i have ever heard.
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    Harrogate v Exeter City Matchday Thread (7pm kick off)

    Key and Randall need a rest. Key especially looks poor at the moment
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    Harrogate v Exeter City Matchday Thread (7pm kick off)

    Awful. we offered nothing against a very poor Harrogate. Law on the bench when we are showing no creativity whatsover? Sparkes on the right wing? Taylors subs baffling again
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    I know this has been discussed on here, but as he was our "Big News" signing last season and has hardly featured, would it be unreasonable for someone on the media team to ask Taylor what the real story is? Other than the lame response "others are in front of him". Sometimes difficult questions...