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    Know Your Place. " I’m Cornish and support Argyle. My kids both born in Plymouth. I imagine many families who watch are the same. The Devon flag flies highest, as it should. But we really are the club of two counties. I’m cool with this flag arrangement...
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    20 games in and the mighty gaws have an astounding 23 points ! Maybe Oxford playing at Swilly both home and away helped them tonight.
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    UK Lockdown

    Sorry must have missed it , So was the article true or not ?
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    UK Lockdown

    Talking to a mate earlier about all this vaccine thing and apparently Pifzer have been given protection from legal action by the Government and also the boss of Pifzer has yet to explain why they need protection from legal action. Anyone heard this or is this just more BS ? (to add it was in...
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    Little things that amuse you

    For all the foodies out there who like a bit of home cooking !
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    League One 20/21

    For Joey Barton to get rid of someone over discipline it must be bad !
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    19 points and 19th in the league Next up the Franchise for the sleeping giants !
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    Stop the flair football … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA High 5 from all at ECFC at not letting in more goals btw !!
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    If you won....

    Put 0 money into them whatsoever ensuring they get relegated season after season until in as low a league as possible then turn the ground into a 5 a side pitch ?
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    If you won....

    Buy SJP and give it back to the club for a lifetime S/T on the BB ! Put in a brand new pitch , £10 mil in a playing budget account and the interest on the rest of my win would go into a "as and when needed" emergency account Enhance The Gap !
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    4-0 Surprised its taken as long as it has ! HAHAHAHAHA First game in front of fans and as normal the janners are rebelling against their new legend ! And a red card for the Mayor.
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    Things you dont see anymore

    Pitts was brilliant , Remember going there for tickets to the Police gig only to find them sat there signing autographs.
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    Tickets for the EFL Trophy game against Northampton

    So no having a smoke half time then !
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    Maybe it was down to them having to travel …. Oh wait a minute the champions elect were at home HAHAHAHA. Must nip over to Pi$$tofi and use one of my accounts to stir em up a bit !
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    I thought the buck stopped with the manager HAHAHAHAHA The janners are complaining about the "lack of yellow cards"