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    Tisdale has interview with Portsmouth

    You may be right but my reading of the comments is that Pompey think our board will waive their contractual entitlement rather than there is no contractual entitlement.
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    Where are our fans?

    Many factors at work but for me the main one is psychological. The Club gained a lot of new / renewed supporters with the novelty of being in the Conference and the struggle for financial survival. We then embarked on five seasons where we consistently challenged at the right end of the table...
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    Are we the most unpredictable team in this division?

    Very true. I think you would have to go back to the 01-02 season for the last time that it was obvious going into say March that we would be in the same division the next season. In fact I would question whether in that period we have ever got to three games to go without any chance of...
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    Home Office Footballing related arrests and Banning Orders

    Nuneaton Town - 87 arrests for violent disorder? :S
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    2nd goal celebration

    Wheeler is deceptively quick I feel. I'm not saying he moves like a missile or anything but I have already seen a couple of defenders seemingly get caught out by underestimating his speed given that from his build you would not expect it.
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    Under 21s Premier League Cup: Exeter v Torquay

    2.08 of this video would suggest that the Holmesdale End was a Terrace until 1995. I recommend skipping between 010 and 0.15. Edit: Should add well done to the team. Hoping for the same on Saturday!
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    The choice was probably damned if we do but definitely damned if we don't. Hopefully the US and France will show the resolve that we ought to have shown but the legacy of Blair seems to have prevented.
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    City get a new CEO

    I was just about to mention Norrie myself and the reason is that I hope the pattern doesn't get repeated. By pattern I mean the Exeweb pattern whereby there was quite legitimate criticism of the manner in which he was appointed followed by completely illegitimate, unsubstantiated attacks on his...
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    Log Steps Down

    They might not co-opt you for that very reason but they could hardly not take you on if you were elected which was the original suggestion. There is no shame in admitting the truth which is simply that you (like many other of the big mouths on here) love to snipe from the sidelines but when it...
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    Tisdale taking over 200k of the budget.....

    I am looking forward to his credible and reliable summer transfer tips.
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    Martin Ling

    Yep - unless there is more to it I am reminded of when Stabby Backlroy took over temporarily at Morecambe as Jim Harvey was sick and then the club decided they would prefer to have him anyway. Does not reflect at all well on Torquay but as the cliche goes there is no room for sentiment...
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    Tuesday's games...

    I think I'm right in saying we have never even taken a point from them. Well no time like now and Tisdale has been pretty good at breaking curses. You would hope that tonight's excellent results will give the players a massive boost.
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    North Korea

    Agreed. I think it would be possible to do a genuinely fascinating documentary on North Korea but for the most part this was poor television.
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    North Korea

    Poor* NK are deeply paranoid and probably do feel like they are being provoked. Much like the Soviet Union felt Able Archer in 1983 was a cover for an imminent attack Pyongyang are extremely worried that US / SK exercises are a prelude to an invasion. However why should everyone else pander to...
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    North Korea

    It was quite amusing to see Mr Sweeney try and obtain a copy of 1984 from Pyongyang central library mind....