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    Welcome Jake Caprice

    Wearing the No2 gear in the interviews - Sweeney already gone?
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    Clear out?

    I always enjoy a "Clear Out?" thread Firstly, you can't clear out those on contract so before the thread can even get going, we need to know FOR SURE who is out of contract My assumption is that its only 2/3 "First Team" players and 4/5 of the "kids" who got Pro deals but we've now decided...
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    Football Focus

    I thought I'd missed the announcement of this before? But maybe not? So who are the 7 and who are the 2? Are either "First Team" players?
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    Former Players

    Thought he was doing ok there?
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    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Currently the only one to be sensible then. Just play football will ya!!!!! What are we all supposed to do with no football? And it'll ruin this season and next. Ridiculous
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    EFL Trophy 2019/20

    Is the Final usually the Sunday?
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    Hartlepool United - FA Cup Second Round Replay

    Anyone know the date for the game yet? Tuesday 10th?
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    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    This is showing as a 3pm kick off? When will that be confirmed? If it was in the evening I would probably go but cant make 3pm..........
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    PSF: Southend United

    Why not play it as a proper friendly? Would be better than some of the NL teams?
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    Former Players

    I must have missed us releasing him? Thought he was under contract?
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    Transfers in/outs 2019/20 and Retained list

    I didnt know that. Have we signed another bleddy crock?
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    Former Players

    Can someone post both please
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    2019/20 Season. Key Dates confirmed

    As I understand it the clubs can ask for which fixtures they want midweek and the EFL do their bet to accomodate. We tend to ask, I beleive, for games that if played on a Saturday would need an (expensive) overnight stay but that if done on a midweek can be done on the day. Games that can always...
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    Former Players

    Er..... think for his career being a First Team Coach may be better than U23 Manager?
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    New goalkeeper / s

    He was for a bit but didnt play. Now back in Poland Paul Jones has been warming Fleetwood's bench all season