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    Cheick Diabate and Lewis Wilson on loan to Bideford

    I still hope we can attract some sponsorship from a healthcare company for Diabate - Cheick says check yourselves 😳
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    Youngsters to get their chance with some players told they're free to leave

    Not really shocked by this - in the given climate any of the older more expensive players will be available if the price is right - but I don’t believe we will need to hold a firesale. Finances could massively change in the next month but until then those players are available
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    There was talk a couple of weeks ago that Valencia were interested in young Ethan - but as a sale not loan I have the feeling he will be in the squad for next season but not play as often as we would like 😳
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    Ollie Watkins

    Ok - I can confirm that when I was on the BOS, the club only ever planned for 1 cup tie in each comp and nothing from transfers. That period ended in 2011 but I’ve never heard of any change in approach
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    Dean Moxey

    I remember it differently - he hit from a long distance which hit the post and then hit the keeper’s back to go in But it kept promotion in our own hands 👍
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    Play Off Programme

    Got mine too - and made contact with elaine so that I can add this to the recent Salford one
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    Clear out?

    The club confirmed at the forums that no new commitments would be taken on at this time - so this wasn’t a great surprise Given the lack of clarity around the future, this feels sensible for now
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    Pie bought - still upset the game clashes with the mighty palace vs Burnley masterclass on amazon
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    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Saw dad and saw me in the next block Thanks to whoever posted the video 👍
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    Cardboard cut out fans...

    No lee power? 😳
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    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Bought a second one for my late father who never saw us at Wembley His last live game was at sixfields in 1995 - so it feels doubly appropriate given the pain of that day 😳
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    Statistics and Club History

    Home season - P26 W18 D8 L1 is this a new record?
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    Bargain Hunt!

    Didn’t see it today - but have seen it before - v good little article
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    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Looks good but am hoping they can move those on the white letters so that the large ECFC stands out
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    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Very good effort all round - local coverage of the cobblers cut outs has focused on a number of recently bereaved who will be remembered in this way