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    Politics Today

    Decent analysis, Al. I was fairly surprised to see the Conservative vote hold up so well. The Brexit Party candidate said they couldn't realistically compete against Labour, who invested a lot of resources into this by-election. The same could be said for the Conservatives though, as they too...
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    Politics Today

    Nah, just google a couple of key words relating to the subject, copy the link and post it on here without reading the content. That's the Exeweb way for political discussions. ;)
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    Politics Today

    1) There's no way Labour would have campaigned to change an electoral system that benefits them at General Elections. 3) IIRC Labour also included an in/out referendum in their 2015 manifesto.
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    Watching City away from the 'home' stands

    Back in the Conference days, some of the grounds didn't have segregation. While technically there is no "home end", it did feel slightly weird when the opposition scored and people around me cheered. One example was at the Kingfield Stadium in Woking where we lost 0-1 in 03/04.
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    RIP Jon Gittens

    Sad news — I echo the thoughts posted on here. RIP.
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    Summer holiday plans..

    :D With my game, a couple of beers might actually improve my score! We had actually thought about doing our little golf tour in Scotland, but some of the green fees were truly extortionate (to be expected for the best courses in the world, but still). Denmark was the next choice, as it's just...
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    Summer holiday plans..

    A friend and I will be driving around Denmark taking in some golf courses and breweries at the end of July. I'm also intending to come back to Devon for a few days, hopefully coinciding the trip with the start of the new season.
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    Retained List

    It was quite refreshing to read an honest appraisal of both players though. I can only go by highlights, but Hamon looked fairly poor when he had to step in for Pym last season, so I think MT's comments are fair.
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2018/19 Season

    Thanks for organising Alistair and congrats to memoman!
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    Predict L2 2018/19

    Thanks for organising, Jason. Already looking forward to next season.
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    ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    Back to the OP, I'm not sure Exeter were the last club to fail to fulfill a fixture in the FL. In 2015, Blackpool vs Huddersfield on the final day of the season wasn't completed due to fans coming onto the pitch and staging a protest. Maybe Exeter were the last team to not even bother showing up...
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    ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    Taking inflation into account, that fine would be similar to a 70,000 GBP penalty today.
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    ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    From Wikipedia: In the 1973–74 season, City refused to fulfill their away fixture against Scunthorpe United, which resulted in Scunthorpe being awarded the two points. City were experiencing severe financial difficulties which had restricted the club to a small squad of players. City then had...
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    General Election - 8thJune

    Haha, good one. I'm sure you're trying to get some bites, but I think the thread has already gone over this ground several hundred pages ago before ECL got banned.
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    Club Cricket 2019

    I had my first run-out this season playing in the 2s on the weekend — nice easy victory in a shortened 30-over match due to a late afternoon event on the field. We bowled them out for 138 off 28.3 with my rusty left-arm orthodox going 0-7 off two. Three nice easy catches on the boundary to...