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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Surely we’ll get something from the club this week?!
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    Carlisle, Oldham and Salford all announcing good signings today. Wonder if we were in for any of those players.
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    Season tickets 2021/22

    Just ordering my big bank season ticket and it is asking me to select a standing space. I assume that is just part of the ordering process?
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    Transfer Rumours 2021/22.

    It’s not... however the only place he’s being linked is on SkyBet.
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    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)

    Before his injury at Crewe ward was generally excellent. Since then not so good and probably the right decision for him to be released.
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    Of the players retained, it is a shame McArdle and Atangana have contracts.
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    League 2 News

    Maybe he is being lined up for yet another return - I note they are not asking for applicants!
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    Youth 2020/21

    I suspect we will see more of Kite next season, but any others ready to make the step up? Strange what has happened to Will Dean and Jordan Dyer. Will we see more of those or will they be released?
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    Jack Sparkes

    Would a conference club want Seymour? Sparkes has gone backwards. I’m sure he will be here next year so hopefully he can push on.
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    Jake Taylor

    Post match interview gives the impression that he is off. Talks about the club/players but doesn’t use the words I/we etc
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    Transfer Rumours 2020/21

    Taylor seems to suggest post match that there won’t be lots of changes in the summer because we can’t afford that.... certainly contradicts his comments from a few weeks ago. So which is it?
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    Jack Sparkes

    Very disappointing appearance from Jack today. Delivery was terrible and he offered nothing whilst he was on the pitch. I’m sure he had high hopes for the season and he has been hugely disappointing for the vast majority. Wouldn’t be sad to see him go at the end of the season although I suspect...
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    Exeter City v Barrow AFC Match Day Thread

    Agreed but not sure there would be many clubs lining up for Sparkes. Terrible season from him.
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    Time for a managerial change

    Regardless of where we finish in the league, I struggle to see how anyone can argue form, results, performances, tactics, recent signings or even basic identity has been anywhere close to what we’d expect/hope. If the club really are about to go big with the budget for the first time in years...
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    Randell Williams joins Exeter City from Watford

    The sooner he leaves the better.