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    City v Colchester build up thread.

    He’s going to his father’s funeral.
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    Exeter City vs Carlisle United Matchday Thread.

    OK, I'll bite. AB injured his knee during an away game at Gay Meadow just after we were promoted to Division 3. I was there to see it and, unfortunately, hear it as well. He, along with Harry Holman, was tearing the Shrews apart at the time. A real loss to the club and the game at the time.
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    Ever wondered what the first league City game was when you were born?

    Yes it certainly did! I remember it vividly - it was my first ever City game. I was right at the front of the big bank with my dad. It p****d down and I can remember that dad was disappointed with the meagre crowd of around 6000. I didn't care because I got to see the mighty athlete that was...
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    FGR v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Have to agree with most of what Crocks has posted. Rob Edwards has been a wonderful player for our club and we owe him a great deal but I am very worried about his mobility now. If he is going to be caught out by the FGR midfield God knows what Delph will do to him. I have similar concerns about...
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    troy signs on

    Well,the news coming out of the Spurs camp today does not bode well for Troy spending too much time at SJP. Woodgate still has a groin problem and will miss the start of the season, Dawson is injured and King hasn't kicked a ball yet! We know that Troy is down the pecking order but not that far...
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    Thank You and Goodbye

    I've just read Steve's interview in the WMN. Honesty, humilty and above all dignity. Good footballer and a fine man.
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    The trust and the team.

    It's too late to edit the above. So please disregard the first sentence since it appears to be condescending and it was not my intention to cause offense. Apologies.
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    The trust and the team.

    You don't strike me as being a niaive person Malcolm, so I'll asume you are being disingenuous. Damien's post seems to make perfect sense. In fact, you could argue he's stating the blindingly obvious. Would you seriously wish to appoint a Chair who didn't necessarily agree with the club's vision...
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    Possible targets

    Good shout. We could do with some big name signings. :)
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    congratulations from a Brighton fan.

    Many thanks Sid! I'm looking forward to the trip to Brighton next season.
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    Good Luck from Sixfields

    My best friend is a Cobblers fan from Daventry. We were looking forward to going to Sixfields and SJP next season to renew old rivalries - so that's b*ggered. We have a few beers every Sunday night so it seems that tomorrow's going to be just a bit awkward. Anyway, good luck next season and get...
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    The I'm so Happy I can't use words Thread

    I'm quite pleased......and drunk.
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    Paul Tisdale

    You're beginning to worry me, fbh.
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    city v dags match day thread

    Herschel, my dear old thing, congratulations!! :) :)
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    city v dags match day thread

    Can I look now?