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    Exeter City v Hartlepool Utd FA Cup 2nd Round Official Match Day Thread

    You had 10 years of it, surely you got used to it?
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    Exeter City v Cambridge Utd FA Cup 1st round replay Official Match Day Thread

    I'm not sure what people expect...I'm delighted with what Matt is doing...Sure we need a more reliable goal scorer or preferably two, then again doesn't almost every team...The guy is honest, hardworking and committed which is why we win games like last night rather than losing them like we...
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    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition.

    PT decided what he wanted to do and did it. There is no need for anyone to feel any regret about has subsequently happened. He was, in reality, a very average manager who fell on his feet at Exeter and had the good fortune to find himself employed by people who were extremely reluctant to judge...
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    Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle official matchday thread

    We don't have that guy who scores goals and doesn't really know how or why. It comes off his shoulder, he scuffs it in the corner, but over the season he score 18+
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    Trust Election - Q & A with nominee Ed Gallois

    And everyone who supports City trails this info on Facebook? Were you previously on Exeweb or are you really a new member ?
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    Aren't we all delighted?

    My original post was a simple one...I'm happy that we now have a manager who I believe is working his hardest to make us better. No more agenda, no more unacceptable arrogance and the fact that we are top of the league makes it all the better. Is he perfect, of course not, could we makes more of...
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    Aren't we all delighted?

    We now have a manager who speaks his mind, rarely looks for excuses and has us at the top of the league. As a result this forum has been effectively emasculated and we couldn't be happier. :)
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    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    I think that MT will be most concerned that for the second year running he put out a team containing the squad players that he will need to rely on throughout the season and like last year, they didn't have the quality to be competitive. He will argue, rightly, that he needs to test these...
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    Jay Stansfield

    It's an interesting discussion, the benefits of having an academy with a full range of teams from 8 upwards, against a sophisticated scouting system that identifies players who have been developed, but discarded, by other clubs. Taking them at an age where they have potential to improve and then...
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    Stevenage A.F.C. V's Exeter City A.F.C. Official Match Day Thread. 10/08/2019

    What's "Tisdale" it sounds like a rural part of Derbyshire or Yorkshire?
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    Number 9 shirt

    Number 9 is a number..The people who want to remember Adam Stansfield will do so in whichever way they wish..As will those who want to remember Tony Kellow and all the others who have represented ECFC and passed on...
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Surely, he'll still be on vacation won't he?
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    Player cigarette cards

    At first I thought that was PT's preferred lineup for most of his time as manager....
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    2019/20 kits

    Outside the deals they have with the Premier League clubs, none of the major labels deal direct. However, Just Sport Pro and other full service suppliers work with most of the clubs from the Championship down to supply the big three brands. If City chose to go with one of these full service...
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    RIP Mike Balson

    A member of the team when I first saw City play....Sad news. He died "after a long battle with dementia" which seems to be a theme for a number of players from the 60's and 70's...