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    Is it ABBA? Or traditional order for penalties?

    and the Winner Takes It All
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    Your Top 5 Favourite Gigs Ever !

    Good list Swanny, I saw the Senseless Things & Carter back in 92. Mine in no order Super Furry Animals - Brixton Academy - was the day Theresa was elected Orbital/Pulp - Glasto '95 Pixies - Brixton Academy 2016 Gorillaz - O2 last December Arcade Fire - a few weeks ago - was virtually...
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    Ticket news

    40,000 will put a lot of pressure on Cov, and I think it will do us good to go in as the underdog. This will feel like the Cambridge final all over again. Just bought three (y)
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    I think John Terry was the last player to make it as a 1st team regular, looks like a Bridge to far for Ethan. We may get to see him the Checkatrade before being sent on loan to Eredivisie
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    Judgement day is upon us. The official Blackpool v ECFC match day thread

    On the train up. Today will forever be known as St Ollie's Day. Not because of the bufoon who managed Gargs & Blackpool to promotions, but because of young Ollie who will make that massive Wembley pitch his own. A 2 nil win with Ollie getting both and putting a few million on his transfer value
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    Last band you saw live

    Saw The Wedding Present a couple of months ago, found them pretty disappointing. Suede were on the same bill and were as always fantastic live. Off to see Super Furry Animals again on Friday, playing their first two albums back to back.
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    Trust agm motion

    So Taggy will stand up and make his "state of the nation" speech, Weiler will probably back this up. 1st fan question should be to ask him to stand down as it's clearly too much for him, but I'm sure he would have made his excuses and left by then.
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    Trust agm motion

    The Lion just needs to take out Tisdale like a wildebeest on the Serengeti on a match day to get press attention.
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    Total Apathy

    I haven't time to do the maths, but I'd wager that Tisdale's last 5 years are nearer to McNab's. Would you take 5 years of McNab?
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    Your 5 favourite films ever, in order

    1. Goodfellas 2. Trading Places 3. Pulp Fiction 4. Downfall 5. The Big Short
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    Ground redevelopment?

    Providing the club have done their homework, a 3G training pitch should be a priority. Maidstone earn £100k-£150K per year from renting their 3G pitch and if we can save money by not having to rent a winter training facility, I can't see what the objection is. At worst it would be revenue...
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    Trust agm motion

    To me it appears that notice has been served but there is no other contract renegotiations required. My guess is that any negotiations will take place when he has a year left to run on the contract, or maybe longer? That other long serving manager, Arsene Wenger only has 8 month's left on his...
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    Election turnout

    No need, just give them a discount coupon off the price of a game if they vote. A stamp addressed envelope won't do the trick. The issue is engaging as many as possible, so a bit of lost revenue on a game is nothing in the grander scheme.
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    Trust agm motion

    I think the answer is that unlike other clubs, none of the board put any cash into the club, they're all good mates. So there is no pressure to justify investment. So this is down to the BOS and having read Overand's comments you know that status quo will continue. The next notion to actually...
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    Trust agm motion

    I understand this, but by the time the gears of The Trust crank into action, we could be sunk. I've no beef with Tisdale, but he seems lost. It'll be best for all parties if we parted ways, and I guess he would be fairly honourable and it wouldn't cost 2 years salary.