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    League One 20/21

    Bristol Rovers have appointed Bobby Davro as their goalkeeping coach.
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    UK Lockdown

    *goes to buy toilet rolls*
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    Your Top 5 Favourite Gigs Ever !

    I'm not really one for concerts. Too loud and too many sweaty people. I've probably forgotten someone but i think the only ones i've been too are, in order: Musical Youth - Great Hall Morrissey - Colston Hall, Bristol Morrissey - The Zenith, Paris (27 francs for a small can of Orangina)...
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    The BBC

    Their half updated website is irritating me at the moment. I know someone who worked at Broadcasting House and she said that she's never seen such an inefficient, poorly managed organisation which seemed to spend the most money in all of the wrong areas.
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    News Story of the week (a humorous look at the news)

    I hope it's not our Elgin they're referring to.
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    Boris is a Joke.

    This chap has made up his mind. 10/10 for angry facing it.
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    TV Times

    Although i was familiar with the story thanks to a morbid interest in serial killers, i quite enjoyed, if that's the right word, Des although Tennant has a face that i don't think i'd tire of punching.
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    Sue Barker replaced on Question of Sport

    It's not something i watch often these days but getting rid of Matt Dawson is good news.
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    UK Lockdown

    A colleague was telling me about a friend of her son who is at Leeds uni. The friend had a knock at the door from plod as a neighbour had reported them for having seven people mingling in the garden. As plod were told upon knocking, it was because seven people lived there.
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    Latest Club News..

    Stop it, i'm getting emulsional.
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    Did you know...

    Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of copying people into emails.
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    UK Lockdown

    A friend of mine, the one who brought an illegal immigrant back, went to France again last week. He said they had to sign a form which says "I really promise that i don't have any symptoms and haven't been in contact with anyone who has, honest guvnor" or words to that effect, and that's the...
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    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    Luton have now said they won't be hosting an attended match after all as the EFL didn't tell them in enough time that they'd been selected.
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    Randell Williams joins Exeter City from Watford

    His main problem is that once the full back has worked him out there isn't much of a plan B which means he can disappear from games, or even never really appear in the first place. If he can add that to his game he'll be a much better, more consistent player.
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    Weymouth vs Exeter friendly match day thread. 7pm ko

    Yes, you're right. I wouldn't make a very good manager if i couldn't even get the cliches right :ROFLMAO: