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    Where are all the gold members?

    Are you under the impression that your number relates to where you are in a list? Oh dear! Surely you're gold with 3+ years Trust membership on top of EDG? Good! I struggle to understand how anyone isn't Gold given what the club has been through. It's not difficult...
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    Social Media

    That'll be my bad!! I was an admin on the page previously when I helped out posting a few things, and have never been removed, so when I posted my entirely personal comment yesterday it was attributed to the club. No passwords involved, no devious logging in etc etc, just a mistake. I'll be...
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    Your current state of play

    We have a budget based on football club income, league money and windfalls. We do not spend what we don't have. In recent seasons we've been able to inflate our base budget (football club and league money) with income from the sale of players, or a cup tie such as against Liverpool. During...
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    Tisdale taking over 200k of the budget.....

    Adam knows how much he is paid, that's good enough for me.
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    Would we relinquish control of the club for an Investor to take on?

    Donating £1,000,000 would help Currently, at least £10m.
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    Commercial Managers

    No, it shows that what's written on Exeweb is usually ********, and that idiots believe it! Uh, Rob looked after you in hospitality, then left to do a similar role at Southampton, he's never been in finance. Clive Pring is the club's grounds guru, Jon was/is an electrician who became Stadium...
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    City foundation meeting

    Money can't buy prizes apparently Oli, though we've yet to see any!
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    Cup Replay Live on ESPN?

    Replays are arranged before the original tie takes place. Stourbridge is near Walsall so I would guess that's why the two games are currently scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday so both sets of fans aren't travelling to the same area of the country on the same day.
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    2 minute silence - To The Fallen poem

    He's called Chowny, and I believe he will be reciting the poem from the pitch today.
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    Thank you - Bondy appointment a disgrace

    Notice of election, and ballot papers, were posted, as per the rules of The Trust.
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    Thank you - Bondy appointment a disgrace

    An improvement on last time though, I believe.
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    Thank you - Bondy appointment a disgrace

    Coates - 535 Overend - 523 Conway - 520 Bratt - 505 Bond - 483 Geary - 349 Brown - 118 So not too sure about your maths Mackster.
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    The Scum in our stands

    That's where you are wrong, but don't let that stop you from thinking you are in the right. *****.
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    Any spaces going to Charlton?

    If so, 2 people from Exeter are looking for a lift. If you can help please contact Neil LeM, or PM for contact details. Apparently they have tickets but are unable to get on the coach, presumably because it is full?
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    Work party - 10th September

    Just bumping this to the top in case anyone has some spare time on Saturday.