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    Accrington Stanley Vs Exeter City L1 Match Day Thread

    Any word on why hartridge was missing?
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    Ben Chrisene

    I think the fact he can play regularly and have some big games at ibrox and Celtic park means it gives him more of an experience than coming here.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Saving money by not paying wages in June 😉
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Who is cousins?
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    I know who wants fairness?
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    No. His name is Zech
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    When talking of LWB options I think it needs to be someone capable of playing in a back 4 at LB too. At the moment we don’t look comfortable with a back 4 because of lack of options there and I feel we’ll need the flexibility!
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    Exeter City V Tranmere Rovers Matchday Thread

    Tranmere’s pressure has been exceptional and we’ve not been able to play through it. Long balls that have been inaccurate and we’ve lost the legs to pick up the second.
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    Exeter City V Tranmere Rovers Matchday Thread

    Ref really doesn’t like Oz.
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    The Auto(s) Charge

    And Seymour!
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    Exeter City vs Stevenage Match Day Thread

    I disagree, I think he was incredibly consistent with the wrestling and jostling with the ball in the air.
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    Exeter City vs Stevenage Match Day Thread

    No difference between header by Stubbs and the contest he had to face just before their goal. Ref is consistent
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    I think the regular time at Venezia was really showing. No sign of rustiness or fatigue unlike lots of the wales first XI who can’t get game time (Bale, Ramsey, Rodon etc)
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    Port Vale discussion

    Think Sweeney would lack the mobility in cm which Hartridge edges him on. This dilemma reminds me of Tillson. What an odd player he was.