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    Exeter City V Tranmere Rovers Matchday Thread

    He shouldn’t of done it but the team have sweat blood and tears to get this far it’s clear to see what the kid is like.
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    Exeter City V Tranmere Rovers Matchday Thread

    This is a promotion side I had the same feeling in 1990
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    Ivor Doble

    He pulled a few deals over the years no doubt RIP A full life lived that’s for sure!
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    Probably be a quicker turnaround than Joma by the sound of it.
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    I think there’s incredible amount of scope for improvement I think the designs on the pencil cases are same since Ivor’s days.
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    Crawley Town vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    What about mine on page 2 😡
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    Crawley Town vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Nombe far more likely to score than Tom.
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    EFL Green Clubs

    The only eco warrior I got any respect for is Swampy.
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    Under appreciated City Players

    Jason Rees and Andy Roscoe and to a lesser extent Danny Clay and Lee Elam.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Considering most people on here are not involved in the football business it’s incredible how many people said on day one Chelsea was the wrong club for Amps to push on so far it seems they were all bang on.
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    MDT Harrogate Town V Exeter City F.C.

    Poor refereeing,Good stop from Dawson,Browns control of the ball at feet is excellent.
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    Deadline day predictions

    Yeah I’m fed up with that one as well Corey clearly he doesn’t what to play for a decent side he showed that when he went to United.
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    Transfers in/outs 2020/21 and Retained list

    😂 Thats a cracker !
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    Jay Stansfield

    Stanno knee slide celebration fantastic 😀
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    Pub players

    Halloway got done drink driving after leaving the centre Spot.