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  • FYI; the other 3 are l to r, Peter [Min] Minhinnett, EMG and who we went to school with at QES Crediton, Wilbert, who Min worked with as EHO in Uganda and Ken Lamacraft, an Exeter School lad from Surrey and a good friend of both Min & I.
    Mind you i did get a complaint from my son, a Senior Video Editor with Sky Sports, that i had not put his cutout up as well.

    Once again many thanks for the mention.

    Part 2 of 3;
    The reason he is up there, together with the other 3 'rascals', when all the other cutouts are/were stored away was because i managed to retrieve them when they were taken down and had them stored in my garage. So, when it was obvious that there were going to be no fans in the ground this season, i spoke to Justin and asked if i could put these 4 up on the BB in the spot where Dacre and i used to stand.
    Part 1 of 2 parts due to limited character allowance!


    No pm come through this end but now i know what name you post under i can speak to you here.

    I just wanted to say a huge 'thank-you' for the mention of my late brother Dacre yesterday before the game. The fact that you had gone up to look at the cardboard cutouts and noted Dacre's means an awful lot to us, his family.
    Thanks for this feedback Andy, really appreciated. I went up to take a look after the Orient game...l I thought it was really striking and poignant. I respected Dacre immensely. He used to post on here as Gurkha Boy, didn’t he? It’s always more than just the football for me.
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