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    L2 Retained Lists

    Dayle Grubb has all the ability required for League Two or League One. FGR's best player when they came to SJP last season. Keeping him fit and motivated seems to be the issue, but he's a local lad and wouldn't cost a lot. Maybe Matty T could work some magic with him. Possibly a bit too similar...
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    Adblockers - visitors please note!

    turned my adblock off for this site (y)
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    Top 10 City Scorers Of The Modern era. 200 appearances, while being about 2 stone overweight and hungover for most of them. It's not the most glittering record in my opinion...
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    Top 10 City Scorers Of The Modern era.

    It's a pretty sorry state of affairs when Logan makes a top ten goalscorers list :ROFLMAO:
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    Finishing the season.

    It's called a labour market, my friend. Footballers are not 'over-paid' - they earn what their employers have budgeted to pay them. Interfering with a market like that, for example by introducing a wage cap, always has disastrous unintended consequences. Wage caps never work, ever, anywhere...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    Yes because in this country approx 25-30% of kids live in single parent families. If schools are closed and mum gets sick (remember: pneumonia is an extremely common symptom of corona in over 35s), the kids will have to stay with (vulnerable) grandparents or be cared for by the state (in big...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    You stand by your assertion that flu kills more people than coronavirus? I'd like to say that's admirable of you, but in fact it's plain darned stupid given that all reliable evidence points to the contrary. Don't forget: you claimed corona was a milder version of flu. That's absolute...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    Wondering whether @AndrewP and @Alistair20000 still stick by their view that Corona is less serious and less deadly than the flu? More than 10,000 confirmed cases in Italy alone, now. And 36% of the first 1000 diagnosed have died. Do @AndrewP and @Alistair20000 still think that, in hindsight...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    What a useless contribution. The post you're apparently agreeing with - not sure why the Like button is so difficult for you to use, by the way - is full of nonsense. 'The flu kills more people' is one of the most naive summaries I've heard for a while. Low even by the standards of typical...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    What absolute rubbish. The flu only 'kills more people' because it's more prevalent over here. If you knew anything at all about the Corona Virus you'd know that the mortality rate is 20 times higher than in flu sufferers. I get that people like to be all "chill out guys, it'll be fine" about...
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    5-0 - presumably not his finest performance!
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    Macclesfield Town v Exeter City Official Match Day Thread.

    And how the feck would you know that, then? Sounds like an arrogant load of bo*****s to me! Hopefully Matty continues what he's doing and avoids the opinion of anonymous, know-it-all Exewebbers :ROFLMAO:
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    Macclesfield Town v Exeter City discussion thread

    I reckon we'll go 1-0 down and turn it around to finish 2-1 with a late Matty Jay winner.
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    Red Legion Disbanded

    Danny, presumably you heard foul language on the terraces when you were a kid. And presumably you don't think it's done you any major harm. So why are you so concerned about the effect that swear words have on kids? Everyone who's ever attended a match as a child has heard strong language... and...