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    Paul Tisdale - New Bristol Rovers Manager

    No it isn't. It's relevant to performances, which players we can attract, the harmony in the dressing room, the cohesion of senior management and most importantly, when you call your own fans who've travelled to an away game ****ers, it's relevant to how much support the team has. As Mourinho...
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    I think you mean 'has' rather than 'is' there, old chum. And calling Football Manager's data 'spurious' simply provides a further example of your ignorance. Have a nice evening though.
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    Former Players

    Signed for Charlton on loan til end of season:
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    It's kind of crazy that we don't know the length of his contract. Unfortunately on Football Manager, which is rarely wrong, his contract does not expire until June 2022. (He's also our highest or second highest paid player in the game.)
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    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Yeah it was such a drag watching the front three of Watkins, Stockley, and Wheeler, scoring 50 odd goals between them, wasn't it? Have you not been supporting City very long or something? The Stockley era was ten times better than anything in the preceding decade or so. I agree we've played...
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    Matt Jay

    Matt Jay standing next to Jack Sparkes, whose height is also listed as 178cm...... There is no way on earth that Matt Jay is 5'10". It's not a big deal but it does amaze me that people are so bad at estimating heights as to believe for even a millisecond that Matty Jay could be 5'10"...
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    Matt Jay

    ...they must have used the height listed in his Tinder profile!
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    Most likely played against Ajose to be fair. Ajose was a regular scorer for Bury in 2010-11 while Matt was playing for us in League Two. I can't be bothered to go and check the match reports, but Taylor definitely would have seen him play, if not having to mark him directly in a League Two or...
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    Exeter City v Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup 3rd round proper matchday thread

    McArdle showing his intelligence there, trying to play the offside trap against someone who was behind the ball o_O
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    Joel off to Celtic?

    How many of them are regular starters in the Prem now? Or captaining Championship sides? We've been used to receiving good fees because we've been selling quality, quality players. I don't think you can really put Rodney Jack in the same bracket at Ollie Watkins... And furthermore, Cheltenham's...
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    Matt Jay

    But he had every right not to select the best technical player in the squad. *raises fist towards crowd and does wa**ing gesture*
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    Political Correctness

    My granddad served in the second world war. His memory lives on in many of his direct relatives that spent time with him. He had friends who were conscripted, not even legally allowed to vote, who were sent to their death in foreign ditches. Within the past 10 years I saw him cry at their...
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    Political Correctness

    Woosh back to you actually. Poor black Londonders have never experienced being politicians in positions of power before so, using your logic, they shouldn't be allowed to 'pass judgement' on politicians. This is a ridiculous, racist position to take, don't you agree?
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    Political Correctness

    If you're a poor black person in London you are not really in a position to pass judgement on politicians because you don't understand what they have been through. You can't judge bankers, either, as you've never walked a mile in their shoes. Can we not use this absolutely darned stupid line...
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    Can we afford to lose Ryan Bowman and Randell Williams in January ?

    Pretty sure he described Jake T's pass for the 5th goal as 'world class' rather than anything Joel did.